@tdorey I'd add that sometimes the control of people through technology isn't always concious. Sometimes the "control" mechansims appear or are introduced into systems as unanticiapted or unintended consequences.

A prompt to kick my blogging into high gear for the fall. Just signed up for the 9x9x25 challenge with @ontarioextend 9 blog posts over 9 weeks each a minimum of 25 sentences. Starts October 1 extend-domains.ecampusontario.

Another good addition would be for Facebook to show other sources for the same story. This would allow users to see if the story is being covered by multiple outlets, which could help signal the credibility of the story and help people discover multiple perspectives on same story.


Our trip is catching up with us. Both my wife and daughter are sick and we are all struggling a bit to keep up with the onslaught of new logistics - new schedules for sports, dance, music. And my own students are suffering during a week when we are ironically focusing on the importance of instructor presence in online learning.

This, too, shall pass.

@Downes I have Postman in my head reading your response "Every technology is both a burden and a blessing".

@Downes Dang you, Downes and your nuance ;).

You're right, of course. Tech is being used to solve problems today (more than a few which tech itself has created). But I think that, generally in tech - and specifically in EdTech - there has been a repeated pattern of overhype and horizon gazing. Or maybe I am just getting older and more jaded. Not as enthusiastic about what may be around the corner because what has come around the corner has brought both solutions and a big mess.

Paging EdTech futurists As Maren Deepwell of noted in her keynote, technology is always on the edge of greatness that will solve some society problem at the peril of focusing on today and the problems it can actually solve. wired.com/story/wired25-david-

@chendricks I did. I went through the process a few times using their "if you run into errors, use this" link, which still borked, but tracked and logged the borkage to report back to their developers.

The team at Kwantlen Polytechnic University have been working hard to assemble a community course on Living Life with Dementia #llwd100. Course is nearing completion: course.oeru.org/llwd100/

Um, the Burt and Ernie speculation is somehow new? I remember having this discussion during my high school days.

And also...Casey.

We always knew Rusty was a rooster, though.

Know #python & #databases?

Apply to this sweet job with ImpactStory, a very cool nonprofit that works on open scholcomm.

The job is the lead dev on Unpaywall, the index of all the free-to-read scholarly papers in the world.

#Job ad: blog.impactstory.org/hiring-le

Back home from the UK, and blogging a bit about my time at the annual ALT conference in Manchester last week. The first of a couple I'll likely be writing this week. edtechfactotum.com/reflecting-

@chendricks @vickysteeves Thanks! Unfortuantly, I get an authentication error when I try to bulk follow the list. Still, the list is small and I can easily follow one by one. If this trunk thing works, it would help to solve one of the problems of discoverability in a distributed decentralized system like Mastodon.

Hello to those interested in open education and open educational resources: consider adding yourself to the open edu list on Trunk for mastodon, lists of people interested specific kinds of topics! communitywiki.org/trunk #OER

@clintlalonde @vickysteeves

Getting packed to make my first trip to England & France. Heading to Manchester for ALT-C conference & bringing my family along. This is a conference I've wanted to attend for many years and, this being the 25th anniversry, seemed like a good time to make it happen. And somehow snagged tickets for my son & I to see England vs Spain UEFA Nations Cup match this weekend. Be lying if I didn't say that both my son & I are very excited about seeing high level European footie IRL.

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