@drb LOL. Yeah, I am that old. In my life there has been Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, Beanie Babys, Zhu Zhu Pets.

@dnorman Ohhh, I didn't see that one. I seem to have stopped watching after the episode where they were trapped in a dating app.

My 14 y old daughter wants a very specific makeup kit for Christmas this year. I am realizing that the economics of false scarcity is alive and well in the high end makeup market. ONE DAY ONLY RELEASE! SOLD OUT IN 20 MINUTES!

This has been my life for the past 3 weeks. HYPE to build an exclusive and hard to get brand as intentional mareting campaign. This could very well be my Jingle All The Way moment this Christmas. This makeup is the 2018 version of the Cabbage Patch Kid

@actualham Oh man, that sucks! I am sorry to hear that. Happy you were able to get onto another flight, but wow...what terrible service.

Thanks for the boost for the work of the OpenETC here in BC @Downes downes.ca/cgi-bin/page.cgi?pos I've written a few posts about Sandstorm and the OpenETC if you are interested clintlalonde.net/tag/sandstorm

Whaaaat? I can install Tiny Tiny RSS Reader on our new xBox? I wonder who the heck is reading feeds on their xBox?

More about Sandstorm app hosting if you are not familiar: sandstorm.io
RT @openetc@twitter.com Our handy open source Sandstorm apps live on BCNet EduCloud servers - 100% FIPPA compliant, securely storing all data within British Columbia.

And we don't need no stinkin' TRACKERS!


@dajbelshaw To bring this full circle, it was @bryanalexander who actually introduced me to Twitter in 2007 (although he wouldn't know this). I was at a session at EDUCAUSE in Seattle where he talked about it. I think I had an account at the time, but didn't quite grok it until I heard him talk about it in that session. I so clearly remember that session. Very influential. So influential that Twitter was the topic of my Masters thesis 3 years later @sleslie @katebowles

@dnorman @katebowles @bryanalexander @sleslie @timmmmyboy I saw those, and it reminded me of just how much fun I had dealing with client email issues when I was doing webdev in the early naughts. I spent an inordinate amount of time tending to email issues and very little time doing actual webdev work for them. I cursed every support ticket I got that involved email. Huge PIA and time sink.

@katebowles @bryanalexander @sleslie
The analogy I think of for instances is email servers. An instance of Mastodon is like an email server. Anyone can host their own email server and have their own email address on that server, which allows them to communicate not only with those on the same email server, but to anyone else who runs an email server. You don't need to have an email address on every server. Just an email address on one. It isn't a perfect analogy, but nothing ever is.

@grantpotter @tanbob @blamb @sleslie @dnorman Hahahaha
"US weekly. That's still McDonalds. McDonalds of the soul."

Who is that?

My wife compares fast food to casual sex. Sure, it might feel ok, but after you feel mildly sick and guilty.

@tanbob @blamb @sleslie @dnorman Yeah, my kids feel similar about McDonalds. Not that it is weird, but just ambivalence. They've probably eaten there maybe haf a dozen times in their lives. If we do fast food, Subway tends to be the choice. Mind you, with my sons allergy history, we tended to avoid all eating out for many years, including fast food. We used to be that family eating packed lunches in the mall food court.

@tanbob After 6 months, you won't be bothering with clothes.

And, I don't know about your house, but mine definitley feels colder at 11am than it does at 11pm. Things you don't expect until you spend a lot of days at home.

@fncll @Downes @bryanalexander @sleslie A Mastodon feature I like that helps minimize the congitive overload is the ability to toggle on/off Boosts and Replies easily, right at the top of the home column. It's a good filter if you want to remove conversations from your display and focus on new content people are posting. It's very easy to toggle back/forth.

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