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Clint Lalonde

Gak! $5k repair bill estiamte for our minivan. I think we're saying goodbye to the 2002 Mazda MPV.

OERu's Critical Media Literacy and Assocaited Digital Skills #lida104 micro-course starts next week. You can signup here if you would like to join us:

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George Orwell Reviews “We”--the Russian Dystopian Novel That Noam Chomsky Considers Better Than Orwell’s “1984" 
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Praxis is an explicit attempt to connect practice to theory?

@Downes I could imagine situations where non-theory based practice might occur. Practice based on instinct, or practice based on past experience would be different than practice explicilty connected to theory. In fact, I would suspect that, for many instructors (esp at Uni level where subject matter is valued above pedagogical knowledge), instinct & experience are more evident in their practice than theory. Maybe the difference is in the explicitness of connecting theory to practice?

@Downes I admit, itt sounds to me like the name of a car.

"It's the new, 2019 Nissan Praxis. Now with 85% more practicality!"

Openness and Praxis: Exploring the Use of Open Educational Practices in Higher Education

@ton @chendricks that's the one. It's a biennial conference so next will be in 2020

@chendricks Probably shouldn't right now as we have hit a delicate spot in the negotiations. Suffice to say that I am working with a vendor on a sandbox/pilot project for BC system. If all goes well, I should be able to talk about it next week at FoL. Actually hoping to make an announcement about the project at FoL.

How traditional textbook publishers can do well by the OER community - EdScoop via @nuzzel

I've been at work since November trying to get a project off the ground. Right now it's feeling like...

Reading the wonderful "Ours to Hack and to Own" I discovered that the #EU invested €60mil into a complete suite of #FOSS tools meant to enable and empower digital and distributed democracy.


Yuk. I am chaperoning an overnight school trip for my son and his classmates in a few weeks. I had to get a criminal record check done. The police called me and said I've been flagged because I share the same date of birth with someone on their "this person shouldn't be in contact with vulnerable people" database. Apparently, it's a common occurance, but now I have to go in and get fingerprinted. Creeps me out thinking I am that closely associated with someone on that list.

@chendricks not just UBC. It caused much angst across the BC post-secondary system. There are a lot of provincial shared services that run on UBC infrastructure.

@dajbelshaw That was certainly true at one point, and may still be today. I've been away from this kind of technical work for awhile now. But end result has always been the same. Getting stuff from A to B is not easy. What is equally interesting to me is how this becomes an issue for many only when they actually try to migrate content from one system to another. Many assume that this kind of content interoperability is easy and just standard features of the various LMS's.

In this day and age it should be much easier to import/export course content from LMS to LMS. I mean, we have standards for a reason but nooooooo -in

@easegill Shhhh. This is why I flock to off the grid social media alternatives, like mastodon. They'll never find me here :)