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Taking part in some MOOC research, and I am being asked to rate myself on a scale for each of these statements. I find the word combination choices frustrating. Can I not be introverted and enthusiastic? Disorganized, yet careful? Conventional and creative? Why the false binaries?

I did not think out this week well. Somehow I have a lot of major deliverables due this week, and find myself preparing to facilitate 4 workshops/presentations AND onboard a new staff member. Thank goodness I am not teaching this term otherwise I would be knee deep in grading as well.

I volunteer with a group called Virtually Connecting that organizes virtual conversations with people at conferences, to link them with people who can’t attend. We have a bunch of conferences in April, including one more session for Creative Commons Global Summit Sunday April 15 3:45pm eastern time (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). See here for that event and see website for other events coming up!

@clintlalonde And related to these concerns are so-called open communities that espouse open values and inclusivity yet choose to achieve these goals with closed proprietary tools. This is a more troubling form of #openwashing imo.

If you come to me and claim your product is an open or OER product, expect me to stop your pitch and ask you to clarify what open means to you. Your definition must start with the 5R's if you want the conversation to continue.

Dear vendors: before you claim your product is open or an OER product, be sure you understand what the 5R's are. If your product or service cannot meet that minimal threshold, you're openwashing

Also like the Nuzzel feature of creating newsletters based on what a specific Twitter list I curate is sharing. Gives me even more granular controls & filtered results.

Not yet. So far it seems to do a nice job in aggregating all mentions and ranking them by how many ppl have shared on the network. One thing that has been useful is having the second @edtechfactotum account which I curate colesly & only connect with open ed/edtech folks. So I get better, more focused results becuase of that.

I've been using a service called Nuzzel for the past couple of weeks. It's kind of like in that it auto-creates a custom newsletter for you based on what is being shared by your Twitter network. So far, I have been quite impressed with what it curates for me. Highly relevant. I've been finding it a good place to start my day and catch a snapshot of what my network is sharing and talking about.

Hi folks. Appreciate if you pass this job posting onto anyone who may be interested > Got some serious Dev/Ops chops? We're looking for an experienced Agile Scrum Master to lead the @bccampus Dev/Ops team Experience in BC post-sec and/or open education and/or WordPress huge assets

@lightweight Do you know if there a way I can see all the users on another instance? Like, yours for instance :) Do Mastodon instances have user directories?

I publish a newsletter every once in awhile. Here is the latest: EdTech Factotum #15: Banning devices, online teaching best practices, and learning to learn online

My organization BCcampus is looking for an OpenEd Advisor. Knowledge of the British Columbia post-secondary education system strongly recommended

Interesting post from the UBC Faculty Association about privacy and the LMS. Thrust of the article is that there are unknown admin users in faculty courses inside the LMS who have a lot of power & can monitor interactions between faculty & students. First time I have seen this kind of concern voiced by a faculty union

Started using Rambox last week to aggregate all my chat-type accounts. Happy to see that they support Mastodon.

Tara Robertson from the Centre for Accessible Post-secondary Educational Resources (CAPER) is compiling/crowd-sourcing a document on HOW TO organize inclusive and accessible events. If you are planning a conference and/or event, there are some really good resources here

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