Did you hear the word? LibrePlanet 2022 videos have been published! Everything from command line graphic design to brain hacking. Read about their publication and check out the videos on #PeerTube. u.fsf.org/3j3

Regarding shadowfacts.net/2022/clarus - I extracted the PDF info!

assetutil -n Clarus -o ~/Desktop/clarus.car /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/PrintingPrivate.framework/Versions/A/Plugins/PrintingUI.bundle/Contents/Resources/Assets.car

perl -ane 'BEGIN { $seen=0; }
if($seen) {
print $_;
if(/%EOF/) { $seen=0; }
} else {
if(/%PDF/) { $seen=1; print("%PDF-"); }
' < clarus.car > clarus.pdf
(wish Markdown worked!)

Let's see how well Mastodon deals with images. I'll upload some semi-random San Fran pics here...

Huh, now it shows with a giant "Sensitive content" blur over it..

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Weird - the web version doesn't display the photo inline. It has a very clunky UI.

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"The food was delicious but I can’t seem to find the exit"

submitted by SEWERxxCHEWER

The Heist of the Century – Arm China Has Gone Completely Rogue

Interesting article (page works without JavaScript but shows a banner info popup):

"7 things to tell yourself everyday, 6th will blow your mind"

by AnonymousSeeker5

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