99% of academics have no idea how to use twitter. ill follow the author of some of the most earth-shattering prose ive ever read and all their posts are like "In Toronto right now. Gonna grab some breakfast."

my first album, a compilation of tracks produced within the last year or so. very amateur.


just listen to it absolutely stoned and maybe it 'll sound okay

i don’t know who this guy is but he looks like a aphex twin album cover

if someone said the words "toot" or "fediverse" around me i would beat them up and probably shove them in a locker

when's the last time I asked for some help that I couldnt get from nobody else

hating religion is a bourgeoise, anti-working class attitude that way too many leftists adopt with frivolity

daily reminder that transhumanism is a modern-day form of eugenics

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