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It seems like a lot of mastodonians use it for shit posting, i use my IRL accounts for shit posting and use mastodon as a place to vent. Maybe im doing this whole internet thing wrong

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I’m honestly just so fucking happy man

My life is going fucking amazing like I have actual fans of my music who message me and tell me how much they love it on a daily basis, they all wanna come to my show this shit is amazing

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It’s Drug Take Back Day. Find a safe disposal location for unneeded medication.

like me. send me all your unneeded medication.

God damn yo I feel like talking to someone and just letting everything out

I’m going through my 162737297th existential crisis but i think THIS is the one thats really gonna change my life... THIS one .... not the last 162,737,296.....

Me and my friends were chillin at my friend’s apartment and the cops came because we were so loud 🤣 there were literally only 6 of us chillin lmao


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anyway enough of this black hole nonsense, it's my birthday can I get some boosts

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speaking of theoretical physics, i havent posted this ink drawing of a value-inverted black hole i drew a while back in a while

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Die young or live long enough to embarrass myself for the hellthread, never mute the hellthread

It’s cool man i got some good ass friends, no one needs someone who doesn’t respect them and wants to start drama for no reason ☀️ good riddance i guess


Think i need to stay away from people for a while because what the actual fuck bro

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