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It seems like a lot of mastodonians use it for shit posting, i use my IRL accounts for shit posting and use mastodon as a place to vent. Maybe im doing this whole internet thing wrong

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My photographer is like the coolest person i know lmao

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i've gotta start getting ready for the day it's already fucking 1pm

I’m so fucking excited for my life like for real. I LOVE myself and my life and my potential and i’m so fucking excited to see what i can do with my determination and passion

I have literally been living my best fucking life

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i’m real quiet, i sit back and watch. observe and remember things. if i had the energy for call out culture it would be so over for so many people lmao. especially on twitter but here a bit too.

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Recently I’ve been running into a lot of people i was on rocky terms with. Also a couple of people who have done me wrong years ago have reached out to me and apologized. it’s kind of weird that all of this is happening around the same time. It’s cool though, squaring away things and leveling with people like that. It feels good

Y'all breaking up with my ex was like the best thing i could have done for my life. Holy SHIT is my life fucking awesome right now

What an absolutely insanely awesome weekend

Then i’m going to my friend’s show tonight

I just went out for the most amazing breakfast with my friends holy shit

I’m listening to another dubstep mix with visuals and its awesome

Today was so awesome i made a song with my good friend who is amazingly talented

Yesterday i texted/messaged 38 people like holy shit

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