Hey everyone! i will be gone for 3 days so if berries isnt back by then i will riot. i love you all see you soon! i will occasionally check insta at any of my accs (dominosmiku/ruffbit/smellydogbob) <3 <3

berrie mods please i cant go on like this i moved accounts like 2 days ago

God I hope meat posting isn’t the last thing I’ll ever do on berries

@turochamp@trash.social u could skip the entire middle n only watch the start ep of the season and the end n get the same impact

all of us craawling back to our .social accounts begging for mercy

the mastodon dot social ninjas killed berries space thats the only truth im accepting

man i would love it if a berries mod could tell us when it would be back online wouldnt that be sexy


i thought i got banned from berries bc i was horny for anime dudes

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