Hello everyone,

As you know, I'm a moderator for this instance. Thus, I moderate.

Recently, a lot of people from India signed up on this instance.

Some trolls came too, and are being reported for toots that I have a lot of trouble understanding, as I'm not Indian, and they seem to be tied to local politics.

Could someone could crash-course me on the current politic' situation in india and cast issues...

I would like to be comprehensive, but I need to be educated for that :blobcatcoffee:

@cm_kropot I'd start with Hasan Minhaj's Netflix episode on Indian politics 🧐

@Deepsealioness See parent toot.

If you could direct someone to help that might be useful.


@cm_kropot sounds like it may be beneficial to actually recruit someone who is from the region?

@maloki we already did. Thank you for the advice tho 🤗

@cm_kropot Une ITW sur le journal de TV5 monde aujourd’hui 27/12 12h est assez explicite

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