@admin ho, well i'm happy you found what you wanted, sorry I couldn't provide...

Thanks again for making a instance, and good luck!

@admin No, sorry if you felt like it was.

I didn't really understand what you meant, could you please explicit what you wanted to know ?


@admin well, if you can send me a message, it should be! Welcome to the fediverse and thanks for making a part of the Internet!

@matt Thanks, but this is not what I'm asking for.

But you can make one if you want.

Does an app for doing moderation on mastodon exist for android yet? :welp:

@LuigiEsq becaude he took to much coke before the meetings

Hello, please don't spam people or you'll get banned.


@Steve12L fun fact : ils ont essayé d'utiliser ce jugement pour contraindre mastodon.social à supprimer le compte de @Time2Watch

@manhack Indeed, the website “YGGTORRENT”, under the domain name “Yggtorrent.se” uses the profile @YgTorrent (mastodon.social/@YggTorrent) to circumvent the order of the judge (blocking its domain names) and thus helping users find the latest domain name through your service.

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@manhack Selon eux : "On behalf of ALPA, I, the undersigned, have recorded as sworn agent that a profile on your social media service, “Mastodon” is promoting illegal content by linking to a website judged by the TGI of Paris as massively counterfeiting."

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Hello, all
Bonjour tout le monde,

On as reçu une lettre de l'Association de Lutte contre la Piraterie Audiovisuelle.

Ils nous ont demandé de suspendre le compte @YggTorrent , sur la base de l'article 6 de la Loi n° 2004-575 du 21 juin 2004 pour la confiance dans l'économie numérique.

Toutefois, je ne suis pas sûr que ils soient en mesure de faire une telle demande ?

@manhack help ?

@MasterRevenant Hello ! You're on mastodon.social. It's the url of the website you're using! Good luck

@Iwalkalone @citrustwee @Gargron @LuigiEsq maybe the server was a bit overloaded. Happy to know it's all ok!

@Gargron Maybe I make an announcement when we reach 500k users on .social?

Also, are images allowed?

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