cw light abuse 

perambulation is an 📜 ancient tradition 📜 from england and wales, where they would take the town children for a walk around the borders with literal sticks swatting at the demarcations, often with light child abuse to make sure the memory is extra-vivid. kids would have their heads dunked in streams, or be thrown into nettles.

literally giving kids swirlies so they don't forget where the town ends.

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I've been at my current job for a year today and they got me a v cute surprise giftbox and also gifts for my doggo 😊😊🎈🎈

Hello Mastodon who here talks about web development or public transit/urbanism or open source or is just generally an interesting human ? Who are your ~ must follows ~ ? Also here is a photo of my dog, her name is Ramona.


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