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Just spent twenty minutes trying to solve a problem before realizing it's literally grade nine algebra AMA.

I've been at my current job for a year today and they got me a v cute surprise giftbox and also gifts for my doggo 😊😊🎈🎈

curious, is there a natsec / international politics community here on mastodon? I havn't seen one yet but I'd love to see 'em - they are a key reason I'm on Birdsite.

Hello Mastodon who here talks about web development or public transit/urbanism or open source or is just generally an interesting human ? Who are your ~ must follows ~ ? Also here is a photo of my dog, her name is Ramona.

If you live in Florida 👉

"283,000 petition signatures are needed to put voting rights on the FL ballot"

White America 

It's convenient to point and Trump and say he's the problem, but he, McConnell, Cruz, Lott, etc are just a symptom. They are just exploiting the problem for their gain.

And the problem is white Americans. The hate of white America for everything that isn't them is the engine that enables politicians to keep fleecing the States.

White America will keep voting for criminals as long as they keep telling them what they want to hear.

That's the core of the problem.

Is there an instance for bots ? Thinking of putting on masto

*lights candle*
*puts hood of black robes up*
*begins reciting in a monotone chant*

a group of people standing around a large brown and white dog

a fork of Android where every time an app asks you to rate it, it rates it 1 star and then uninstalls the app

2017: people are making fun of the squeeze-bag-juice company
2117: all food is exclusively available from DRM-protected bags, hand-squeezing is prohibited by law

In A.D. 2017, meme was beginning 

what happen?
somebody set up us the hashtag
we get toot
what !
main timeline turn on
it's you !!
how are you tooters
all your meme are belong to us
you are on the way to lols
what you say !!
you have no chance to survive, boost your toots
ha ha ha ha
user: admin !!
take off every emoji
you know what you doing
move emoji for great justice

you seem to have an ad blocker installed. Please exit the self-driving vehicle immediately.

YOU :clap: CAN'T :clap: CALL :clap: YOURSELF :clap: A :clap: WEB :clap: DEVELOPER :clap: UNLESS :clap: YOU'VE :clap: BEEN :clap: KNIGHTED :clap: BY :clap: THE :clap: CROWN :clap:

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