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Just spent twenty minutes trying to solve a problem before realizing it's literally grade nine algebra AMA.

I've been at my current job for a year today and they got me a v cute surprise giftbox and also gifts for my doggo 😊😊🎈🎈

curious, is there a natsec / international politics community here on mastodon? I havn't seen one yet but I'd love to see 'em - they are a key reason I'm on Birdsite.

Hello Mastodon who here talks about web development or public transit/urbanism or open source or is just generally an interesting human ? Who are your ~ must follows ~ ? Also here is a photo of my dog, her name is Ramona.

If you live in Florida 👉

"283,000 petition signatures are needed to put voting rights on the FL ballot"

White America 

Is there an instance for bots ? Thinking of putting on masto

*lights candle*
*puts hood of black robes up*
*begins reciting in a monotone chant*

a group of people standing around a large brown and white dog

a fork of Android where every time an app asks you to rate it, it rates it 1 star and then uninstalls the app

2017: people are making fun of the squeeze-bag-juice company
2117: all food is exclusively available from DRM-protected bags, hand-squeezing is prohibited by law

In A.D. 2017, meme was beginning 

you seem to have an ad blocker installed. Please exit the self-driving vehicle immediately.

YOU :clap: CAN'T :clap: CALL :clap: YOURSELF :clap: A :clap: WEB :clap: DEVELOPER :clap: UNLESS :clap: YOU'VE :clap: BEEN :clap: KNIGHTED :clap: BY :clap: THE :clap: CROWN :clap:

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