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hit singles in your area
that's right
every vinyl you ever wanted, for a reasonable price

Tonight one of the first
meetings in many months.

and Friday and Saturday

A good week for our floss culture space

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Calling all extra-amateurs, protoprofessionals and circumstantial algologgers.

Algologs = a 1 + 1 day dialog with algorithmic practices. This two-day event is an extention of Algolit, a workgroup where text-based practices and algorithms meet. Algologs is part of a series of occurances meant to open up the usually Brussels-based Algolit meetings by inviting external speakers, presenters and participants to join the conversation. During Algologs, we will increase the % of engagement with everyday algorithms.

More information can be found on this page:

#algologs #algolit #event #worksession #varia

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tired: home taping is killing music ☠
wired: home hosting is killing the cloud ☀

(god I wish)

why can't you delete boosts?

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@h @raucao
I didn't think I said that decentralized infra is anticapitalism in natrue.

I said building federal instead of central infra is political.

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event spam for our floss culture space Show more

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Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat (Mindscape, 1996)

}); this emoticon means person crying about javascript syntax

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what you're referring to as the UK, is in fact, UK/London, or as I've recently taken to calling it, UK plus London.

used this
to make a new .Xresources file.

Now all my have some weird underwater theme.

There is no shame is that game