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It's been ... almost a decade since I've played any MUDs. Starting to get back into Lusternia, and reallllllllllly looking forward to Starmourn

You kiss the portal of fate passionately

*sits heist outside the portal of fate, furiously rubbing a lamp*

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@maloki I was listening to a podcast, I think the topic was inequality, but part of it talked about how as we've industrialized and diversified and specialized, we've also adopted the mindset that everything needs to be done at expert-level.

The example used was singing, and how in western culture, regular people sing much less than they used to, partly because of the hierarchical structure of celebrity culture. Doing things as an amateur isn't "good enough" so we don't do it.

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Factions, shadow admins, ambiguous rules, back stabbing, oh my!

Balkanization of Mastodon is what happens when you leave high school without resolving all that angst

This is a good thing (tm)
No one gets to tell you how to run your instance. But every admin gets to decide who they federate with

*sips more coffee*

Some of ya'll could use some yoga

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The last time I knew what I was doing was back in 1986

I was so proud to go potty by myself

What even is cable tv.

Is G Suite for google or gangstas cuz I don't care much for google

In both of my civ6 games so far I've spawned next to Egypt and wrecked them in the medieval age

@rx that was a good listen. I went ahead and bought it. Too early to say, but I think I like it?

Anyone got thoughts on civ6, for someone who has hundreds of hours in civ5?

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The Internet Archive has decided to ignore robots.txt

This is amazing news for internet history.
a) All public stuff will be crawled. Don't want that? Don't make your shit public.
b) Lapsed domains replaced with parking pages using restricting robots.txt won't prevent old, dead versions of sites from being visible.

Archive everything. #NewLibraryofAlexandria #OCD

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Here comes a mathematics-friendly mastodon!! LaTeX notations are automatically converted into mathematical equations.

@mechaniputer welcome to the fediverse 🎊

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there are men on the fediverse terrified by the very presence of and that's the most fucking on-brand thing

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