Show newer is that how Spaceteam was invented?

@kuketzblog das Transparenzregister muss die Zahlungen vom MS an Politiker öffentlich machen

Personal question about the appearance of right-wingers you know 

@drwho @erosdiscordia I'm not from the states, so don't know any of them.I have a theory: since Americans are so very partisan, they have a hard time separating themselves from the party identity. That is fine as long as they feel it righteous. Maybe, since 2015, they've found the changes to the party line irreconcilable with their sense of righteousness after all. And that inner dissonance shows.

@drwho waterworld hasn't happened yet, so, of course ;-)

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Provokante These: Ich finde 17.000 Teilnehmer für eine Demo, die lange geplant war und für die bundesweit mobilisiert wurde, nicht überragend viel. Für ein Milieu, das gerne von sich behauptet "Wir sind das Volk", ist es ernüchternd. (Trotzdem ist es natürlich bedenklich) #b0108

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@Decentralize_today am I reading this right, that WhatsApp/Facebook forces the user to hand over their address book and at the same time places burden of obtaining permission to share the data contained in it also on the user?

@drwho off-by-one error in parsing the input string somewhere?

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@drwho it's this guy: If you comb through his blog you'll find how he lives, which I find inspiring even though it's not for me.

@drwho do you happen to follow Joey Hess (of Debian fame) anywhere? Maybe his lifestyle is for you.

@drwho shouldn't this be somewhat straightforward with Huginn? Receive message and forward it to mastodon endpoint?

Apropos: have you ever played with n8n?

re: youtube comment reposting 

@patrick @riking @sir for a while at least...

stormlight archives spoiler, ships 

@eldaking love the idea. Make Brandon listen! ;-)

@Tanuki could be a safari plugin, a firewall hooking into your browser/network config, a keyboard (on iOS), a preloaded that loads the top URLs of a SERP in the background to speed up "internet experience"...

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COVID, climate, - Elysium was basically just a forecast.

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