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Well.. better make a introduction toot!
I’m a character designer, animator, and im delving into graphic and web design. So.... basically a designer of all sorts

No Twitter ❌ The world has progressed past the need for Twitter

Totally forgot mastodon was a thing for a sec

i feel like it'll only be twenty more years before some notable museum of modern art has an exhibit of Winamp skins.

Lol my mastodon app aint let me upload any pics

Hey everyone! Sometimes the communities here on Mastodon can feel a little sparse, so let's fix that and make an artist thread where we can find each other, and let others find us too! Recommend me your fav artists here on Mastodon!

Check below for my own and others' recommendations! Post links to your friends, or promote your own art!

Then boost so everyone else can see them too!

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