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🎥🛑A Barcelona

🔻Plaça del Rei, avui.
Cançó dedicada de la gent gran al Jovent lluitador.

✊🏿✊✊🏼El futur és nostre es vostre.

Lluitem contra

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24th Feb.

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Η ώρα της έντασης κατά την διάρκεια των επεισοδίων Της συγκέντρωσης για τον Δημήτρη Κουφοντίνα

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🎥🛑En 🇪🇨 Yaku Pérez ha llamado a una marcha desde distintos puntos de Ecuador hasta la capital, Quito, para exigir un recuento que frene "el fraude del CNE".

🔻Actualmente avanzan varias columnas que confluirán en los próximos días.

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The putschist army is facing stronger resistance than expected...
Each day that passes increases the risk of strong repression.

22th Feb protests.

Video via soezeya

Students in the streets again today. Here, they face the police in order to be able to demonstrate freely.

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Les étudiants cassent le cordon et marchent dans les rues à cc @inter_lignes@twitter.com

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Situation actuelle.
Un groupe d’étudiants tente de négocier avec la police, le droit de marcher. Peine perdue. Ils sont autorisés à tenir un petit rassemblement.

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🎥🛑In students in Thessaloniki scuffled with the police during a protest against a recently approved education law that allows police to patrol university campuses.

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🎥🛑In anti-government protesters keep going to the streets demanding the resignation of right-wing president Sebastian Piñera and the release of political prisoners detained during the protests against the government's neoliberal policies.

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Big students protests today in

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Η πορεία φτάνει στα δικαστήρια και έχει πάρα πολύ κόσμο

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The new French Global Security law is a law by the police, for the police—literally. The deputy who drafted it, Jean-Michel Fauvergue, is the former head of an elite tactical police unit.

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This is what pro-democracy protests looked like in 's capital at their peak today. This immense crowd estimated at over 100,000 stretched for blocks. Their demands are @moisejovenel@twitter.com step down and a transitional govt organize free & fair elections.

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Inside the hospital , occupation by homeless people and families. A symbol, right next to Notre Dame de Paris.
Police is also there...

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Jérôme Rodrigues, one of the leaders of the yellow vests who lost his eye following the intervention of the police during the demonstration organized in Paris, declared: “The police destroyed my life, but not only. The state has ruined my life, the government has ruined my life."

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Başkent Paris'te düzenlenen gösteride polisin müdahalesi sonucu gözünü kaybeden sarı yeleklilerin liderlerinden Jerome Rodrigues, "Polis hayatımı mahvetti ama sadece o değil. Devlet hayatımı mahvetti, hükümet hayatımı mahvetti." yorumunu yaptı.


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Autoreduction action in a Parisian store.

Folks stopped by a Carrefour supermarket to “requisition” some essential food and hygiene products, and provide them to those who need them the most twitter.com/cerveauxnon/status

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VIDÉO - Un commissaire de police fait usage de sa matraque contre un manifestant. Tensions en cours durant la dispersion.

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