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I've landed here, as have many others, after learning where the bird site is likely headed.

I stream video game playthroughs on multiple platforms (currently Quake on weekends and Metroidvanias during the week plus shmups on Thursdays), I speedrun things once in a while, and from 2015-2020 I posted video game piano/keyboard covers on a monthly cadence.

You can find links to all the platforms I'm on, info on what I'm doing, and a few utilities at

Continuing the Knave-themed Func Map Jam 9, which has been off to an extremely strong start.

And again, the irony is not lost on me that GDQ is holding an in-person event, during a pandemic, for Doctors Without Borders. Seems a bit counter-intuitive that you'd be shunning common sense to such a degree for such a cause...

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Feels surreal to watch an in-person GDQ event during a pandemic. Prior to 2020 I figured I'd feel a huge sense of missing out if I stopped attending them. Now I feel kind of numb, because while I'd like to attend, I would very much like NOT to get covid and that takes priority.

While the event itself may be taking every precaution possible, that doesn't stop literally everything else about attending (especially air travel) being a huge risk.

This week the US Supreme Court has managed to set this country back more years than I've been alive in it. Without intending any pun or irony, this makes me genuinely wish I had not been born here.

Roe v. Wade was overturned by a court with 5 justices appointed by 2 presidents who lost the popular vote. This country isn't a democracy, it certainly isn't government for the people by the people, it isn't even majority rule. But that's what they would like you to believe in elementary school.

Lone Ruin ended up being the most productive of the 3 games tonight lol, finally got a hard mode survival clear, currently have top-40 scores on all 3 difficulties.

I've played this demo more than any of the other demos in nextfest by now lol

More Dodonpachi, maybe more Kingdom Grandprix, maybe more Lone Ruin actually on stream for once

I just spent more time fixing my window arrangements after booting up Strania: The Stella Machina than I spent trying to tolerate the game. Holy shit what an absolute dumpster fire.

BGM volume adjustment doesn't seem to work, UI is painfully amateurish, game visuals are a mess. (And it defaults to forcing your monitor to 720p so brace yourself.)

OK, Monster Boy spent a week in the time-out corner for its conveyance transgressions, but it's time to put this to rest.

Finally caught up on twitch clips for Better Quake Than Never today. The context of this line by @mopeybloke
didn't fit neatly into one, but bears highlighting:

"Quake has always been pushed forward by Johns. Romero, Carmack, Fitzgibbons, Travolta."

For those wondering wtf Travolta is doing in that list, I frequently refer to Shamblers as John Travolta because this is what they look like when they wander around at long distance wondering what to do.

The next few Func Map Jams all have themes that I'm looking forward to. Tonight we start with the 7th jam, which is base-themed, and we all know how much of a sucker I can be for base maps.

Gastro Force: Issues getting stuck on walls and snapping my FOV. Couldn't get mouse sensitivity to feel right vs. movement speed.

Challenge is feast-or-famine; enemy attacks expect use of dash but require precognition to successfully dodge.

Flawed level design: progression is sometimes designed identically to secrets.

The boss seemed to be the only enemy that is only vulnerable in part of its sprite, so my first attempt ended up running out of ammo until I realized that.

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Exophobia: More enjoyable than expected; glad to see options to disable bob, screen flash, etc., but some red screen flashes happen even with it off, and it needs a setting to make dash not jerk FOV downward.

Metroidvania aspects are cool. Health seems unforgiving, and losing armor on reload is awful.

Huge difficulty spike on boss, which soured my opinion of the entire demo. It is very rarely vulnerable. It was much more survivable, but still annoying, on the lowest "relax" difficulty.

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Details on a couple more nextfest demos that need work to be truly compelling: Gastro Force and Exophobia. 🧵

Selaco is probably the first time I've said "shut up and take my money" halfway through a game's options menus before even playing the game. This sets the bar for the sheer amount of adjustability, especially in terms of accessibility, that FPS developers should aim for.

The game itself is, as I expected, super-impressive in terms of just how much it does on top of GZDoom and how far it pushes it. I expected a run for my money on the third difficulty (described as "hard") and boy did I get one.

It is finally time for me to play the Selaco demo that I've been hyped up for since last year.

Originally I was thinking of waiting until tomorrow to stream the Selaco demo, but I'm more awake than I expected to be today and I've waited long enough, so I might just go for it in about an hour...

Twitch is dumb, chapter 4294967297: removing-but-not-removing reruns, in fact only actively making them far worse for streamers and not any better for viewers.

More attempts to incrementally improve my Dodonpachi score again for Shmup Book Club

Bloodhound... needs a lot of work in many respects. You can barely hear what's hitting you or what you're hitting/killing, your weapons don't feel impactful, and it's sometimes hard to visually distinguish enemies. Also, any game with a "git gud" game over screen can GTFO.

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PERISH looks very impressive visually but I feel the gameplay doesn't feel particularly satisfying, and it seems rather grindy to unlock things (granted, it's a roguelite). Its worst offense is its menu backgrounds and tiny objective text - awful on the accessibility front.

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