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I sometimes feel like there's reticence to address social issues and have uncomfortable discussions/confrontations here; issues that reveal that many people are both discriminated against and perpetrators of discrimination, etc.

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Liberals Gonna' Liberal (In The USA), Take 9 

Let's have more condescension towards any1 who criticizes Dems and points out the obvious: that they're frequently incompetent, uninspiring, unfeeling, & prone to rely on desperation &/or sheer dumb luck to get over.

Let's scold dissenters like they're grubby puppies who peed on the rug. Let's dismiss their misgivings (often grounded in experience) as solely cynicism and let's be ungracious a-holes even when we eke out a win. Yeah, that's the ticket.

#snark #netneutrality #race 

My brother just got a job a . Is this how white liberals felt when their cousins voted for Trump? 🤦🏽‍♂️

My car has been parked in front of my house with an empty tank of gas since Monday, and that hasnt been a problem. Thank you public mass transit and transit-oriented development/housing.

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the gnu philosophy is that software should be free but difficult to use, so that the people who write the software can make money as consultants

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opportunity available for the Spring Semester--Earn college credit while learning about from an industry professional. Must be a college junior or senior with proficiency in Adobe , , and . Prerequisite reading required. Stipend available, flexible hours. Please email resume to

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It's interesting to see people bandying about ideas on how to get out from under the current large ISP topology we've got pointing out the same cultural and infrastructure roadblocks that were in place when folks were starting up small locally-owned ISPs in the mid 01990s.

(the small locally-owned ISPs ultimately did pretty okay for themselves until they sold to larger companies with deep pockets, in case you were wondering)

#CW #race 

Please all weaponized “requests” for CW’s. I personally dont want to spend my morning tiptoeing through on my timeline. Thank you.

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*WOOOP* We are just £1165 away from our funding goal!! Help us turn our vision - gender equality in tech, into a reality by making a pledge and sharing - #stem #womeninstem #edtech #womenintech #girlswhocode #education

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RT @cfarivar: Here’s what #Oakland’s privacy community has been up to this year, per @b_haddy. (It’s a lot!) source:

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If you have a account but have moved over to a different server, you can login to your old account and, under edit profile, setup a profile redirect note.

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@coachdrewglobal HELLO FELLOW POC HOW DO YOU DO✊🏿​🤜🏿​🤛🏿​

Ahhhhh yeah! I have connected with 100 human followers on this elephant ride. For my next feat, I will find another Black person on here somewhere 😂 Or, maybe a few of y’all could meet me halfway? 👊🏾👍🏽👌🏾✌🏽

The repeal of ushers in the age trickle-down telecommunications. Here’s their theory on everything: the richest people in the world are the best, smartest, and most capable people in the world, so we should maximize their opportunity to accumulate more wealth because their pursuit of more wealth is actually what makes the world better. Cant make this up. Whether they actually believe this bs or they are just greedy no longer matters to me. What matters is that they‘re dead wrong.

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@KitRedgrave We are sorry, but your message could not be delivered because your current services package does not support Internet Snark.

(Pleee-uz depozit another diyum forr an adishunnal thirrutty seconds.)

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uspol, net neutrality 

this is a general reminder that the US government is not known for its supreme efficiency when it comes to implement new policies, and that there are a bazillion legal hoops to jump through before anything actually happens

find these hoops, and bap 'em in the right direction

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