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Well Richard Stallman, founder of free software and the GNU project is going around defending MIT professors who participating the Epstein sex assault ring; from student protestors.

I think it's important when people, even leaders in your community do this sort of thing; that they are criticized.

Honestly, it pains me to say it, but free software has to be bigger than richard stallmen. Its time, probably past time for him to step down.

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If it wasn't for Steve Smith, Australia would be on 200 for 7 now.

I'm supposed to be napping, but I can't stop refreshing the cricket score.

I come back from lunch and England are 19-2. Seriously, I would sacrifice the cricket world cup for a competitive test team.

Sitting down with my son to watch Mission Impossible: Fallout

Anyone else here suffer from imposter syndrome?

[Q Presents The Making of…] Peter Perrett another excellent pod, well worth a listen.

If you like a good podcast, this is one of the best I've heard so far this year. Mark Maron talks to David Lee Roth about his heritage, his drive for perfection and his rocky relationship with the brothers Van Halen.

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