(I need a good "amazed and delighted" emoji, but all the surprised ones seem negative.)

Microsoft's VS App Center SDK is


Seriously? I can see the code you're going to inject into my project? I can build it myself? I can stick a debugger on it if things go wrong?

What is this source-ry? Who does that?

It even has a Code of Conduct?!?!

Thank you, Microsoft.

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@cocoaphony I do not endorse any Amazon mobile SDKs for any purpose, because I am using them on 2 different projects right now, so I know better. BUT... it is nice that they’re open source on github. Literally the only nice thing I can say about them, though. They’re overly complicated, under-and-or-incorrectly documented, buggy even when working correctly, amazon response (even paid support) is too slow to matter the few times they can help, etc.

@cocoaphony I’ve been using this since it was HockeyApp. There are some rough edges to AppCenter but their support has been adequate and yes, source code is a breath of fresh air.

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