Actually it looks like if you take it out of full screen and try to put it back, it won’t let you. I think it’s because I had it full screen on a 16:9 external monitor, and they fail to check upon launch and put it back in full screen assuming it was your main monitor.

Also it tells me I have an asset error every time I launch the app and has to reverify the assets.

Launched MTG Arena on the Mac again to see if they’ve made any progress. Good news: full screen works on my laptop. Bad news: the mouse clicks are mapped incorrectly as if it was a 16:9 monitor, even though it’s not. Not quite ready to spend money on this platform yet. :-/

I read the rules for the solo “Thousand Year Old Vampire” tonight, and it seems amazing. Can’t wait to give it a try!

Tech Priest commission (please pay me to draw more Warhammer 40k)
#MastoArt #art #CreativeToots

My first experience with MTG Arena on the mac is that it doesn't support fullscreen on non-16:9 monitors. So… is that every mac monitor? 🤦‍♂️

Really excited for the release of MTG Arena on the mac today. But man, that Epic Game Store launcher is rough. And I thought Steam on the mac was bad!

John Wick and What We Do In The Shadows are in the same universe. Change my mind.

Has anyone run Descent into Avernus yet? Curious to know your tips / impressions.

Running the whole game over discord. It’s awesome how many tools have been made to run (or any really) online.

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Looks like no game this Thursday, but in other news, I’ve begun running a game on Sunday nights. 5 sessions in and it’s going really well so far!

Found a colony of ants moving into my sprinkler box today. Have had a bunch of ants coming in the house lately too. Must be ant season or something.

For Earth Day, I've decided I'm not gonna drive my car for the past month.

RIP John Conway. May you discover what the monster group is all about in the hereafter. :-(

TFW you accidentally queue a standard deck into wild and still win. 💪

Tonight our group is trying out this discord + roll20 thing.

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