Kitbashed together a little dungeon for my Sunday game and feeling good.

Okay I beat a boss in . It was an easy one that I picked off from afar, but still feeling good!

Been playing . I’m not a hard games guy, but man that’s a gorgeous game. Only about 5 hours in (and taking it slowly) but having fun so far. Found some new stormy place last night. I still suck at combat. I use magic from a distance to avoid it for the most part, which I feel like might only get me so far. We’ll see.

Started last night. Pretty fun so far. Little coding challenges for each day before Christmas.

Checking out this new album “Blood Moon” by Converge and Chelsea Wolfe and it’s pretty great so far!

It came up in shuffle and I had to give serious consideration to whether “Axe to Fall” by Converge was my favorite album of all time. Probably at least my favorite heavy album. I’ve never heard anything quite so frenetic before or since.

I use for my home game to video chat, post recaps etc. It seems discord is investigating supporting which I'm against for environmental reasons. Anyone know of any good alternatives to discord, in case they go through with it? Thanks!

A thing I did recently during a D&D session, getting a better grasp of how I want my Swarmkeeper ranger Obstallar here to look. Bonus hand study because I love drawing hands so much. Patrons got to see him a week early and hear more rambling!

Trying to remember to actually post art here once in a while.

One #drawing today, flying wizards vs. beholder in some sort of dungeon elevator shaft or something like that. (Space beholders might come later.) Still trying to figure out whether I want to rotate it to portrait format… #DnD

Scaredy Cats reviewed Train to Busan this week, and it’s one I’ve been curious about and don’t want spoilers… so I’m watching Train to Busan tonight I guess!

I can’t remember the last time I played “You’re not looking so good” by Suicide Note but hot damn! What an album!

A commission from forever ago of Asger Stormbreaker, Divine Soul Sorcerer and his deity Velsharoon
#art #MastoArt #CreativeToots

The new Dvne album is out and I know what I’m listening to while I work tomorrow.

Finished up Our Tomb of Annihilation game tonight after 68 sessions. Phew! That was rough!

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