Settled on “The Forge of God” by Greg Bear.

Just finished book 8 of the expanse. Now I wait for the 9th and final book like everyone else.

Now playing: "Axe to Fall" by Converge. Hot damn what a good album!

Pretty fired up for the new cards that have been announced. Decent of Dragons looks really sweet!

Was trying to remember Steve Albini’s name and searched for “Big Black members” before realizing that might not be what I was looking for. Wikipedia had my back though and was the first hit.

After a huge losing streak, I ended up going full pogo hopper in for the lulz. Ended up getting 1st place. 🤷‍♂️

Spent a good chunk of the day dealing with a busted starter on my car. In the immortal words of Metric, “Buy this car to drive to work. Drive to work to pay for this car.”

Found out that today is the 5 year anniversary of Too Many Cooks. I went and read up on the history and the guy who made it also made this video. Just watched it and found it pretty funny.

Just found out Dillinger Escape Plan broke up 2 years ago. CRAZIEST live show I've ever seen. 😭

Oh man, my halfling rogue falls to a long bow shot by a yuan-ti! Another creature is attacking me while I’m down, 2 death saves automatically failed! Grim!

Picked up the on the . Super impressed so far! Having fun, and feels great to play on a portable system.

Should I get for ?

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