Found a colony of ants moving into my sprinkler box today. Have had a bunch of ants coming in the house lately too. Must be ant season or something.

5 years later, I got my 500 wins with hunter. At this rate, I’ll have them all in 40 years!

2nd edition all the way! That thing is fucking terrifying! <3

Just finished book 8 of the expanse. Now I wait for the 9th and final book like everyone else.

After a huge losing streak, I ended up going full pogo hopper in for the lulz. Ended up getting 1st place. 🤷‍♂️

Compost bin tomato plant update: It’s pretty big now! Pulled some of the cherry tomatoes off this morning and they are super tasty!

I just made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Turned out pretty good!

Definitely looking forward to the new expansion, Saviors of Uldum. I still feel like 4 months is too long between expansions, but they did a better job this time changing things up periodically.

Finished up the final wing of the Dalaran single player content on heroic last night. They did a great job!

Picked the last of the season’s apricots, and the first of the cherry tomatoes.

Current status: some morning coffee and checking out my new purchase.

Also the tomato plant growing out of the compost bin seems to be doing well. Starting to see tiny green tomatoes on the vine.

Found this hiding amidst other flowers in the garden. I don’t believe those have been planted here before. Might have grown wild from seed?

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