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Real talk, the live streaming experience on youtube is way better than on twitch. Change my mind.

A tactical deck builder seems like it might be right up my alley. Fights in Tight Spaces.

Wrote a Monte Carlo pack simulator using the new ‘no duplicate’ rules that they are introducing. I think it’s gonna be much easier to get a complete set. 👍

Is Eternal going to be awesome? Trying to decide if I want to get it.

game went pretty well last night just using standard video conferencing. We didn’t have any combat though. We ended the session about to jump into initiative. We are thinking of giving a try. Anyone have any tips / good experiences with using that? It seems to be the go to tool for remote trpg gaming.

Any day a new Intronaut album comes out is a good day.

Just found out melt banana is touring the US this summer! Man I hope I can make it!

Really digging “The Dagger and the Coin” series by Daniel Abraham so far. I’m on the third book, “The Tyrant’s Law.” Haven’t read a good fantasy series in a while and this one is great!

Finished up Galakrond’s Awakening and enjoyed it. Especially the second to last E.V.I.L. Campaign. That was pretty awesome!

5 years later, I got my 500 wins with hunter. At this rate, I’ll have them all in 40 years!

Forge of God was not my favorite book. I’ll probably read Anvil of Stars at some point, since my friend claimed it was the better of the two, but for now I’ve started “the dagger and the coin” series by Daniel Abraham. In the absence of the next Expanse novel, reading something by at least one half of James SA Corey seemed like the best course.

2nd edition all the way! That thing is fucking terrifying! <3

Generatin' code that's generatin' code (and tests).

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