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Wait till they encounter one of your innocent loved ones because some aadhaar linked surveillance like cloned copies of fasttag or a cloned sim made them a suspect.
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If your employee does "fun" stuff like set up ping pong tables, arcade games, and other activities for you, it's a safe bet they expect you to live there from now on.

Once you frame the law in such a manner that throwing the invisibility cloak of 'national security' over it overrides every other consideration, going to the courts to seek any sort of relief becomes an exercise in futility.

Schrodinger's peace. It exists and does not exist at the same time.

You just have to get a bunch of tweets by some prominent politicians that there will be unrest and, boom, you get an internet ban.

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He's been reading tweets from Kashmiri politicians on how abrogation of Article 370 would not be accepted in #JammuAndKashmir as well as tweets by Pakistani politicians & people advocating secession of J&K and even violence, to justify this.

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Some quotes from “Mortal Republic” by Edward J Watts in this thread.

“No republic is eternal. It lives only as long as its citizens want it. ”


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There is no point in voting anymore. Every few years, the parties can hold a gathering and play teen patti or texas hold em poker. The winner with the most money at the end buys the rest and then they can dance over the bodies of ordinary citizens.

More in this series.

There is never a good reason to mix politics and religion/faith. Power is tough enough to manage on its own. Adding faith or religion in it, makes it a certain recipie for disaster.

On the flip side, the state has no business running religious organisations either.

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If having questions building your own #solar #power system - feel free to ask questions.
Got some experiences related to spares and does and don'ts

I kind of like how quiet it has grown here.

Apologies for the typos and other numerous mistakes. Groggy and posting in a 10-minute break.

I do support the right of all political leanings to exist, save the Nazis perhaps. No single formulation can represent everyone out there, best is the balance of numerous imperfections than an attempted singular perfection that will fail.

The best systems empower with adequate oversight and checks and balances.

The best frameworks allow for measurement, transparency and a feedback loop that results in changes from it all.

We have no business fighting wars. We should be saving the planet.

I prefer freer and competitive markets, but the government has to provide for education and healthcare at cheap rates for those who cannot afford the private versions of it. Those two, along with easy access to information, are transformational factors in societies and they represent the most fair way to bring about social justice.

Women, aged and margnialized groups such as LGBT need to be given special consideration and protection till the point we don't need refer to them being any different

The end result was someone who had a healthy stream of skepticism for all political formulations, but had a strong preference for providing a extra leg-up for the marginalized.

Where it stands now is that I am a strong federalist. I do not think big centralized economies are good. Even more so for countries like India that have such diverse populations and needs.

I prefer simple lower tax rates, that incentivize compliance than high rates and a focus on punishment as the incentive.

The world I would like to see:

First, a bit of background. I was born in a state that had a strong leftist leaning & a very very strong socialist setup. Family had more than enough of left & right, rabid and moderate.

I grew up not being enamoured by either. The left was quite violent and that was hard to overlook. The right was not too far behind either where violence was concerned, but I could not agree with their policies or politics.

As an adolescent, I was probably a centrist.

One of my earliest fascinations to die at the altar of reality was to travel a lot on work. Months of living out of a suitcase, being home once in a couple of weeks, was nothing like what I felt it would be like.

Traveling for non-work stuff. Well, that's something else. Don't think I can get enough of that. But it's also become mostly a privilege affair. I do occasionally share as a force of habit. But it's just nicer to enjoy it without sharing it.

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Had been procrastinating making videos for past several months. Breaking the cycle with a quick/short video of the ambience of my farm:
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