Helpful mastodon friends, can you link me to a 101 explainer on instances and federation? Please don’t just reply with an explanation for now, I want to read something first for background and then ask more specific questions.

@codewytch thanks everyone!!! I got enough reading material for now :)

@codewytch There are many things out there, and different things suit different people.

None of them really matched how I thoguht, so here's a thing wot I wrote:

@codewytch You're very welcome - happy to answer questions, but be aware I'm unpredictably AFK reasonably often.

@codewytch the Verge article is old, but the explanation of federation specifically is not outdated:

if you'd prefer something SUPER TECHNICAL, you can actually look at the spec of activitypub, the current-generation protocol that the fediverse uses

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