and xubuntu is the only distro that will display with this legacy gpu kde just display crashes

how is this a graphics card dilemma?

well because i was kind of relying on the ipgu in the i3 i was using now i'm down to basically a legacy onboard nvidia gpu back to my old mobo

for those who don't know my socket 1150 intel mobo either has faulty usb ports or something is severely wrong

because the usb ports will either stop working or like i'l be typing and when i hit spacebar it basically locks the key down so like a sticky key issue but every usb port does it

it's been a bit so what have i been up to well a few things
1. A make use of tutorial involving a raspberry pi 3

2. A workaround for the current qwbfsmanager aur problem

3. A skin for XBMC on og xbox that brings back the 2005 xbox 360 blades

4. And finally loving kde neon but hating my current graphics card dilemma

for those wondering i closed my twitter yesterday i figured i would start posting my thoughts about stuff here instead

since twitter keeps being a piece of crap and having internal server errors you all get this post now

regular xbox one also boost the resolution not as much as the X but after seeing panzer dragoon orta on a base model xbox one it looks amazing

yes i did and you know what it emulates better than a raspberry pi 3 and also offers way more options for emulators so it was worth it to me

just because it failed does not mean you should underestimate that tegra 3 chip especially for emulators that have a hardware acceleration feature like fpse which runs ps1 games that lr-pcsxr just can't run due to not being updated for years late thoughts on freeBSD banning friendly gestures

i say we all just turn into dense jerks and be mean to each other since friendly gestures are not aloud anymore

that seems like what they want :psyduck: i was trying to understand why for original xbox retroarch team would use XDK over openXDK and how someone would actually compile it for og xbox

response xdk is illegal to download so lets stop discussing this followed by all my counter points being erased from their discord

how do people become this dumb? out of tech ha my auto wording lol i meant out of touch freeBSD is either run by old out of tech people or super edge lord children

btw you should see my posts about retroarch on my mastodon i am also dealing with a software group trying so hard to be something that they are erasing discord messaging discussing stuff about their software or anything surrounding it

yeah sorry retroarch team but if you act like kids no businesses are going to give a crap about what you say

if you don't work with people how can you expect people to work with you?

so after that experience i have come to the conclusion that retroarch is run by immature idiots who don't even want to talk about their own software they created but want businesses to actually work with them in order to sell emulation consoles while retroarch is being immature about the entire situation

i tried have a discussion about og xbox retroarch with them and why they chose xdk over openxdk all my messages were erased and i was told to stop talking about the software retroarch makes because they are afraid of becoming illegal at least that was the only reason they gave me

for those who have not been keeping up with the latest retroarch is run by kids at least on discord they talk about being legal but provide software that can only be used by illegally hacking a game consoles operating system

weird to see a hat in time twitter account posting sales numbers after complaining about not having enough money to port the game to linux

so now my response

i might make a video saying this but i will say it here first

1. anyone with a brain is not going to buy a game they can't play easily wine still has issues

2. it's not my fault that they chose a terrible game engine without future planning multiplat

3. you can't claim to not have money when you are porting a game to xbox one ps4 and switch you clearly had money

4. all the twitter people that got involved had no right getting involved it had nothing to do with them

for those who don't know a hat in time devs tweeted that the game is coming to windows box one ps4 and switch

i responded with can't wait to play this on linux....oh wait flatpak torrent it is then

the dev and like twenty drama baiters then flipped out and were telling me to buy a windows version of the game and just play it through wine which btw is stupid to tell someone

it's like hey go through this potential to fail wine process and if it does not work you're screwed

still think it's funny how making a statement about what the normal response to game not having a linux port would be gets spun through the twitter drama spin cycle into he is telling a dev he wants to steal his game i swear some people are simple minded idiots

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