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weird to see a hat in time twitter account posting sales numbers after complaining about not having enough money to port the game to linux

so now my response

i might make a video saying this but i will say it here first

1. anyone with a brain is not going to buy a game they can't play easily wine still has issues

2. it's not my fault that they chose a terrible game engine without future planning multiplat

3. you can't claim to not have money when you are porting a game to xbox one ps4 and switch you clearly had money

4. all the twitter people that got involved had no right getting involved it had nothing to do with them

for those who don't know a hat in time devs tweeted that the game is coming to windows box one ps4 and switch

i responded with can't wait to play this on linux....oh wait flatpak torrent it is then

the dev and like twenty drama baiters then flipped out and were telling me to buy a windows version of the game and just play it through wine which btw is stupid to tell someone

it's like hey go through this potential to fail wine process and if it does not work you're screwed

still think it's funny how making a statement about what the normal response to game not having a linux port would be gets spun through the twitter drama spin cycle into he is telling a dev he wants to steal his game i swear some people are simple minded idiots

sorry i have been silent on here just doing the linux thing and playing lots of retro games

@BryanLunduke take a raspberry pi zero and make a terminal only tablet out of it basically make a sort of pip boy from fallout that would be cool

fixed had to install systemd-devel

while trying to manually build qastools in solus

libudev.h: No such file or directory

but it's installed so why?

everything seems buggy and plagued today

probably going to just go back to solus at this point

base ubuntu with gnome feels kind of pointless it's like ubuntu gnome but missing a ton of stuff and not working well with extensions i install a few like hide top bar from synaptic package manager and it basically broke the entire desktop environment extensions would not work from the actual website for extensions

and before anyone says it i don't like kde cool effects and stuff but it requires so much configuration for the way i would want it :P

ubuntu 17.10 run so far

Ubuntu mate < brisk menu kept crashing out of nowhere for random reasons

Xubuntu < compositing is still awful replacing it with compiz destroyed the entire distro basically windows were broken and i could not click anything or type at all basically i broke xfwm4 and xfce hates that

trying regular ubuntu now

@codydragondude GNU/Linux + GOG = Freedom and no random crashing due to updates.

people tolerate this stuff all the time just to have access to games SO SAD!

streamlink twitch gui is a good thing

when it comes to asking devs to port something we should be trying to make it easier to reduce the amount of port work they have to do rather than causes even more port work like the macOS metal api does