i needed something stable yet xfce based so i guess i ended up on xubuntu

i just can't avoid xubuntu it's my favorite distro

PlayOnLinux 5.0 Alpha 1 released.

Been a VERY long time since POL got an update. Exciting times!


i can't get gnome-system-tools to install on antergos xfce

also manjaros controller configuration is terrible not even xboxdrv could save it so that means

though i will say this though one area were kde falls flat is it lacks a robust gui tool for managing users and groups

the one they provide is very barebones and serves almost no purpose

unless you need to change the password or account picture since that's all it lets you do pretty much

seriously though my actual in a non ranked order

(i like the manjaro settings manager)

Kde Neon
(up to date kde is best kde always)

Antergos with both kde and xfce (they both look really good and function well)

Open suse leap 15
(open suse is not bad if you need total control of everything)

Linux mint cinnamon
(pretty much were i learned everything involving how linux works in 2012)

Manjaro Kde
Manjaro Kde
Manjaro Kde
Manjaro Kde
Manjaro arm mate edition 🙃

This is a pretty bad situation for antergos



even if the iso was not effected it highlights a problem with your installer pulling anything from the internet

i would rather have it the manjaro way tbh

i'm more than capable of self updating i don't need the installer to do that for me

i know i said i settled on manjaro xfce however i was noticing some performance issues with it during certain tasks so i went to kde and everything suddenly feels snappier

after trying all the manjaro versions this is were i'm at

tomb raider anniversary works with steam play

i can finally play a real tomb raider game on my pc not some weak lara origin story garbage

good to see ya on here @thelinuxgamer give mastodon a chance to impress ya it's become better for sure

please make sure to autopost videos on mastodon since i'm going mastodon exclusive as of september 30th

i don't want to miss any of them

btw crosscode is released now if you want to give that game a go

crosscode released today has a native linux port why are yall not playing it?

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