now that i have all three modern warfare games would you like me to do a playthrough of them so i can upload vids for people to use freely for videos and stuff without having to credit me?

canada did not deserve this
billionaires only care about one thing money you are nothing to them and their actions prove it user jeefberky is now on the autistic reddit dumbfuck list for trying to act like hes smarter than everyone else

the 23rd is my bday

if i have to get one number closer to naturally dying then you fuckers are going to be miserable with me

metroid other m in japanese with english subtitles this weekend

FTR the company that left WWE because WWE were going to have them do goofy gimmicks is now coming out as lucha frogs in holloween costumes on AEW
My god have they fucked FTR over

imagine if metroid dread was not hard just to stress you into wanting the amiibos bonuses

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