i know from experience we all have at least one dark time in our lives

what worked for me was asking

what the hell are you going to do tomorrow?

whine and cry or get help and try to live

dude sitting on the edge of a bridge thinking about wanting to die

a fine of example of why you need to go get help before giving up your valuable life

you got to love people who have so little value of human life they admit they would kidnap someone from their home again if set free

i hope that dude enjoys life in prison being someones play toy

i got two ps3 from a pawn shop for the price of a ps1 classic

and they still play more than 20 ps1 games

value over scams

of course game pass on pc i would have to say no to since humble bundle is more worth a damn

reminder windows 10 store has like five games compared to the behemoth that is steam

i liked backwards compatibility and if microsoft could figure out how to make an actual good console OS game pass is actually not a bad deal for a console gaming person

just think if microsoft was using freeBSD or linux servers over windows server whatever version they are most likely using for xbox live

they would not have outages this bad answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xb

microsoft loves linux remember

i can't believe people pay money for such a shit show like xbox live

pc master race embrace me

i was actually going to give game pass a chance to impress me

but since i can't sign into my profile i can't do shit

so i have to say this and i mean it

fuck microsoft and fuck the windows10box one

good night :fatyoshi:

Try again later
There was a problem and we couldn't continue (0x80a4001a)

is exactly why xbox one is a steaming pile of shit

SteamOS is more responsive and better than this windowsbox one

xbox 360 has a better user experience than this pile of windows 10 filth known as xbox one

that xbox one everything wrong with windows 10 in console form
xbox one is slow sluggish cluttered

now i can't even sign into my xbox profile
so glad i borrowed the xbox one
i'm more sure than i ever was before

@thelinuxgamer i have a question

when are you going to stop being a xondork? and start posting more on mastodon

ps3 must have become popular or something around here cause everyone is either sold out or only has one left

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