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ERB still exists and people still watch their videos

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i'm going to forcibly evict anyone and everyone who's even remotely famous from this website before it gets somehow worse

petition to get someone to sentence mix snake's codex calls to read "kung pow penis"

i'm an inkling main because i relate to them keenly
-liking bright colors
-dressing somewhere between dumpster fashion and high art
-speaking in gibberish
-too young for half the shit yall make me look at

"twitter but moving at the rate of a twitch chat" is just as bad of a concept as it sounds but it sure hasn't stopped my ass has it

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the reason the world is so shit right now is because Daft Punk didn't do their Alive 2017 tour. it's like the butterfly effect but replace the butterfly with 2 funky robots and the tornado with human despair

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i’ve had enough! *overdoses on gummy vitamins*

@piccolojr the server was not made for this many people. posts are showing up in home like 5 minutes after i hit toot

@Wellthen99 it's him. you can tell because he talks like his words were picked by committee

@piccolojr while we're on a roll with this interpersonal interaction can you stop posting worm on a string i beg of you

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maybe this post will do better here but...dudes once December 1st hit

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