Got a slick (I think) new feature in one of the WordPress "SPLOT" themes, ones that create places for sharing w/ no logins, tracking.

SPLOTbox is for a place to collect media from various sources (direct URL, upload)

The new thangs is a built in audio recorder, saves directly to site. Give a spin?

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@cogdog Forgot to mention, I tested the 3 second countdown when you first released it and it wasn't working. It went straight to recording without the 3-2-1. But when I just tried it now it looks like the 3 sec countdown is now working. Cool! (using FF on Win 10)

@clintlalonde Thanks. That was a bit tricky to get working and took a few iterations. I have invisible CSS elements above buttons to capture clicks, and then moving them out of the way. It's a bit duct taped together.

But a great idea, so thanks!

Glad to hear its working on Windows. Do you have an Android device to test? iOS is toast.

@cogdog Just submitted. Used Chrome on Android. Countdown didn't happen and the actualy record space was small, and cramped.....and then I saw the full screen option. Nice! The audio may be a bit overmodulated, but it did work

@clintlalonde Thanks again. I will have to rejig the CSS when the area is small- using the full screen is a good idea.

I went with the default audio settings on the recorder (sample and bit rate) I might have to dabble with.

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