FWIW I met Dave Lane a tech guru from New Zealand who is ready to release soon an "easy" guide for installing Mastodon instances.

He said he has done a handful already

@cogdog I'm trying to decide whether to launch my own or whether to stay with

@Downes @cogdog I would love your thoughts. I have read some stuff about image caching issues that could cause legal trouble but I think a federated network for Mastadon is perfect for higher ed.

Local server control, privacy through data empowerment, disciplines still federating together across campus

I encourage use of Twitter with students but never require it. I have no right telling you to relinquish data to a third party.

@cogdog @Downes Though I do worry that when open is the default I may not be giving students total privacy control.

For example, I use Known for Education pretty much my class stream. Students get choice of public, members only, and private. They also get to choose whether to download, delete, or leave stuff after class.

In each case open and available are the default options. Makes me realize I should send out a how to , "Shut down or download video" now that classes are over.

@cogdog @Downes I also want to play with and am wondering if that is the rss-feedable, totally curateable, integrated class space chat streamable, I would like a trip on that rocket ship.

@jgmac1106 @cogdog The first thing, in my mind, is that the students should get to choose whether to make something public or not.

That said, Mastodon *appears* to have the options you're looking for (or might, as it continues to develop). Though I don;t know about curation.

But I would depend on just Mastodon. Microcontent is one part of the ecosystem. Photography, long form writing, videos - all these matter as well. Mastodon needs to be integrated with other services.

@Downes @cogdog I give the option of blogging on your own domain or within our Known instance (which gives members, private, and public option).

My real concern is that I worry people may want to be private, do not know how (for example password protecting post on wordpress) and are too reluctant to ask.

Though I like the oppression and opportunities of the word count on Mastodon. Forces concise writing yet leaves room for attribution.

@cogdog @Downes

I want a mix of a chat stream and the feeds @cogdog builds for everyone (Twitter[ish], new posts, new comments). Those as default columns.

Then you can add columns for custom chatstreams. Each student making their own LMS.

Powered on Domain of ones own but with privacy easier or the default.

Long term integrate the AI and machine scoring bots to handle the low hanging but useful in aggregate data (stuff that takes too long to score).

Some videochat SDKs and we roll

@Downes @cogdog If chatstream then used webmentions & all the other indieweb stuff to cross post back to the student's individual page.

At end of class a simple pop -up (Download your data, delete your data, archive the data.publish the data using a license of student choice.)

I do think there will be a place for lightweight WebVR in my dream decentralized LMS. For example used Plotagon to pretend teach early childhood reading.

Someone will build a type to speak WebVR kit. Kick ass role play

@jgmac1106 @Downes One approach is expect a system to protect (passwords, access control, locking settings) --it's passive, the system protects me. Start closed/try to open.

But what if people start w/ control & awareness about how they enter a space? Start w. no identifying information, mask IP, turn off location indicators, no identifying usernames or domains, even cover IDs. Then they choose to reveal. Be private in public.

Not for all but creating openings more interesting than walls

@cogdog @Downes My problem is the level of sophistication this requires. My classes draw people with no tech experience the public/private needs to be a toggle and not a vpn mask and tor browser

@jgmac1106 @Downes It will never be that on click simple sorry, but it need not be as complicated as all that.

@jgmac1106 @Downes Depends on goals of course, individual. All my teaching has been where people are learning how to navigate open spaces, meet, connect w/ people they don't know.

You don't increase connections or pump up potential of serendipity in private places.

But other cases are not to be "out" n world but within groups, so privacy important.

I just don't find closed spaces as interesting.

@jgmac1106 already following you so all good :D is conversation about decentralized LMS have a hash tag. also its slow at the moment but comments on would be very welcome

@adamprocter What is the hashtag? I was reading all the webmentions convo from W3C working group and getting excited that we are close.

@jgmac1106 sorry I mean is there one - W£C working group ok ill try and catch up in fact my next section to write up is on P2P and decentralisation so thats good timing :D

@adamprocter @Downes @cogdog @chrismartin @dajbelshaw I let my Discourse instance lapse. I was paying ten dollars a month to talk to myself.

@jgmac1106 @cogdog I've signed up to the list but haven't seen it in operation yet.

@jgmac1106 @cogdog @Downes @tellio We are wondering about experimenting this summer with a instance ... not sure of reality of pulling it off ...

@dogtrax @Downes @cogdog @jgmac1106 I keep talking about as adhoc frankenstack and our folksonomy as a way to create an anarcho-syndicalist open-sourced combine (mastodon/ There. I said it.

@tellio Hey old friend. Good to see you here. Now let me remember to check in more often

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