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Cacti in the forest are strange enough, but then again not, as in this part of northern Arizona all are adaptations to varying seasons of limited water. Strike your visions of desert as sand dune piles. They are lush.

But behold the surprise when a cactus is not just a prickly fella, but one bearing, for a short while, bouquets.

All still part of the life cycle, draw bees, pass on pollen, germinate, reseed.

The Innocuous ones emerge from terrible red sandy soil,flowing down a washed out jeep trail. A lupine carpet explodes; no one notices. I wait for pods to open, collect seeds for next year.

And like clockwork I forget to plant in the fall. I can't convince them to grow in my yard. Oh well.

FWIW I met Dave Lane a tech guru from New Zealand who is ready to release soon an "easy" guide for installing Mastodon instances.

He said he has done a handful already

From it's creator on closing of the story community

"And yet, since 2012, many things have changed. We’ve come to realize how addictive digital technologies can be — how, by attempting to connect us, they often end up creating further isolation, trapping us in so-called filter bubbles, hypnotized by glowing rectangles, and disconnected from life"

I'm haunted by that description

But I did want to share that seeing @Tdorey set up her site got me inspired to create my own SPLOT driven activist site-- just out of the easy bake oven is intended to collect stories of people who's lives might be upturned with repeal of the ACA

If you know anyone in the situation, please arm twist them to add a story

Warming up my Tooter in case I pop in for the party. I have some crusty old notifications.

If you don't TOOT! much, well no one toots back.

Among the less intelligent things done today was walking the dog 10pm at night in the freezing rain... whilst with a cold.

But the Goretex shell from MEC in Vancouver does more than the job of protection. Look at Felix with nothing on, seeing no problem nor complaining with being cold and wet.

Just inside the gate I stop. Motion. A good sized javelina slithers by, silently.

We both just watch. Wet. Cold. Wonder.

What's up mastodoners? I went to Mexico for 9 days and kind of forgot about this.

Interesting. Go to browser where not logged in to mastodon

In @katebowles post last paragraph

Link for @lauraritchie profile in is visible when not logged in, you can clic / read individual toots in web view.

Lnk for status url though you cannot see when not logged in.

Threads of convos are semi public?

You enter a large ballroom or conference venue, full of groups of people having interesting conversations. Many people you know, quite a few you do not. Do you expect to be part of every conversations from start to finish? Do you mill about seeing where you can drop in? Do you rely on people later to tell you what you heard?

Tried to map my own history of participation spaces as overlapping curves, it's a graph based on imagined data

If a "twoosh" is a tweet exactly 140 characters long, what is the name for a Toot that is exactly 500?

I just made one.

With a much quieter social media channel, I'm doing what I have no done in year. Watching TV. My daughter-in-law gave me their netflix login.

Last night I watched the first 2 episodes of "Walking Dead" (I see a looming interest in the zombie narrative).

At 1:30am I let the dog out in my fenced back yard. We both hear slow lumbering footsteps in my neighbor's yard. Felix just watched.

It was "Walking Elk"

A pair of them about the size each of a pony.

We both slept peacefully.

I tooted in public.

Then it was boosted.

And federated.

Can't smell a thing.

@xolotl asked in that other bird space about one day his kids having their own Mastodon.

Genetic scientists and paleontologists are at work on this theme park

Just for @katebowles -- I found another little local phonebook in my pile of papers used to start fires in my stove. It's about the size of a romance novel, serves the "big" closest town (~12,000 people) of Payson AZ.

And look, we got some Bowles here!

And just for fun, we got a Blog who lives around here, so blogging is definitely not dead...

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