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Come work for me! We're growing npm's cli & community team with another open source engineer and a community and developer advocate!

Since we hit our goal, we added two stretch goals to our !

- $8K - A on introducing pairing to your team!
- $12K - STICKERS and a workbook!

All adorably illustrated by

Boosts and other kinds of sharing much appreicated!

- ZS

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We're about 24 hours into kickstarting the #LetsPair #Zine series and are *almost* at the halfway point! Super grateful to all the folks who have boosted and/or pre-ordered copies (or the plushie!)

If you want to help make accessible, adorable, informative pair programming education a reality, mind sharing and/or pre-ordering?

I'm super excited to announce that we are kickstarting the#LetsPair series!

Rewards include adorable plush pears, digital and physical copies of the , and my eternal gratitude!

You can read about them here:


you can back the kickstarter directly!

Pssssst! Our monthly newsletter goes out "tomorrow-ish."

If you want to be a better engineering leader every month, sign up today!

My favorite one (so far!) is from a few months ago, where Jennifer talks about what makes a good question. - ZS

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Sticking to additive-only changes is really really hard, it's very tempting to break out the chainsaw and start ripping things around. Sometimes that's even faster.

It's also *riskier* as changes to the customer experience can slip through unnoticed; or get glossed over.

#TDD #programming

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Further, when making changes with both high-level, user-oriented feature/story tests and lower-level, implementation focused unit tests it allows me to more effectively manager timeline/defect risk by helping me "stay on target" with what I'm actually trying to accomplish.

If the only destructive changes a patch has are additive changes to microtests and the files the microtests cover, I am doing a clean refactor.

If destructive changes to both unit & story tests I ain't.

#TDD #Programming

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One thing I like about testing is how well it leads to "yes, and" situations.

Microtests are great for fleshing out the behavior of a particular file, function, class, etc. I try and write lots of them!

Story tests are great for fleshing out the behavior at the *person* or *consumer* level taking into into account system boundaries.

Microtests give fast feedback while changing the implementation of a particular file, while story tests provide a higher-order safety net.

#TDD #Programming

We really enjoyed listening to @sarahmei break down how power dynamics impact team design decisions at PearConf! Now, even if you didn't attend, you can too! - @zee

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Benefits of an apprenticeship program are more than just reduced recruiting and onboarding costs, it also boosts diversity and serves as an enticement for the sort of senior engineers that are interested in collaborative and nurturing environments, according to Megan Tiu #SelfConf

DTE Energy CEO Gerard Anderson talks about how being vulnerable with his employees gave them purpose and helped them turn around a struggling financial forecast in this episode: - ZS

We just published our first ever , "Which Auth is Which."

It breaks down the difference between AuthENTICation and AuthORIZation using adorable illustrations and teaches how to more clearly communicate about software security with your colleagues:

Written and illustrated by!

And did I mention it's free?

- ZS

We're putting together another public, on-site workshop focused on engineering skills in September, either in SF or DC/Boston. If you're willing to provide the space and pay for flights we'll happily give you some tickets!

We did this with our Effective Rails Refactoring at Square last month and it worked out really well!

DM or email if you want to host!

- ZS

Ahoy folks!

This is Zee (@zee) posting for our tiny engineering cooperative.

We provide training that bridges the gap between technology and humanity in software teams, as well as build mobile and web applications.

We mostly use social media to keep people up to date with the public courses and workshops we offer and to share cool things we've read or listened to lately.

<3 - ZS


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