ok I'm home and on my laptop so I can migrate to a new instance now....... but im shy..... I feel like I post way too much for the small ones :'''''>

Fall is really my fucking season I was walking home this evening, little breeze, slightly chilly, wearing my big leather jackets and big boots and listening to New Order and I was just like OH YEAH BABEY

He seems like a perfectly normal nice man and good psychologist it's just!!! Not someone you expect to see again lmao

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Gsjhdgdjfkgjdhgsdff running into the guy who diagnosed you with autism on the bus!!!! Normal afternoon

It can be hard to find the money. A lot of these places/events can be DIY or for a small community.. in that case I try to make it so the artist doesn't have to do ANYTHING for me and their work is presented in a really interesting and cool way. But like... ppl who have established academic posts or industry roles doing this... come on mate

if we wanna say games are art we gotta make it a thing where an artist can make an arts practice for themselves otherwise we have to admit we just want the pizzazz associated with the term!

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Like the thing is a lot of people don't see this as an issue because their main job is either in vg industry to some extent or in games academia, so being included in an event is a cost they can absorb and/or be supported in doing by their workplace bc it's a cv-builder, but this just means those are the only types of people whose work you will get and those showcases are unrepresentative and boring! if your call is open to "everyone," make it something everyone can do by PAYING ARTISTS

If you want to be "art" you may have to occasionally uhhhhhhhhhh pay artists lol

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Gonna subtweet on my communist social network acct about how much I hate how many experimental/artgame exhibitions are just open call selections that offer no artist fee instead of starting a fight on my professional account just yet ⭐️

This "normal" music video actually came straight from the black lodge and I fucking hate it m.youtube.com/watch?v=a_XgQhMP

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probably this one, it's called "hollywood hotel" and comes with a very fussy looking celebrity lady with sunglasses and metallic clothes flickr.com/photos/fairy_dany/1

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Stephens Christmas gift this year is going to be the k-punk anthology and a vintage 90s Polly Pocket set which is basically the entire span of his personality

i'm now taking art commissions! (examples of my work are below)

* Gore
* Nudity
* Clothes
* Giant Robots
* Small Robots
* Medium Sized Robots
* Furry
* Human
* Animal
* Car
* House
* Boat
* Bicycle
* Fruit
* Vegetable
* Nature

* Abstract Shapes
* Squiggy Lines

Song that popped into my head in the shower of the day: thespiritofthebeehive.bandcamp

I love this band and they have a new album out this month which will likely also be filled with spooky/weird/sad/wonderful things

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