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there is no self (laughs)

"Motivated by fear, Archie makes a blood pact with a duplicitous hyper-capitalist who justifies his crimes by appealing to the family unit, a man Archie ascribes the not-at-all-creepy quality of “seeing what has to be done and doing it” — a perfect little parable of the American right." This is 0% exaggeration can confirm Riverdale is a fucking trip

I'm going to make a post so that this post is on Mastodon, previously it was the most important post on twitter so it is important to the intellectual ecosystem for it also to exist here. Are you ready? Show more

sommes-nous pas des hommes?

Me and Stephen's zine haul from Glasgow Zine Fest yesterday!!!! 🎉💖🎉

Initial response: wow that is ridiculously sexist
Second read: but ok, same

Every line of text makes it seem more cursed

showing 200+ bitsy games at egx rezzed in london as part of the leftfield collection!!
#bitsy #gamedev

The potent combination of that email and having to rebuild my zotero library today has just made me never want to have sex ever again

I'm sorry my laugh is ridiculous and I'm physically incapable of whispering

Another thing abt my life that was immediately explained by an ASD diagnosis was why people always say I'm either talking too loud or mumbling a lot, I'm horrible at controlling volume/tone and that is indeed a thing :hotboi:

Anyways mmm if u want one piece of advice from an ASD person to follow this month I'd say listen to Lil B's new album Black Ken its good

Basically, like all other areas of medicine, when we talk about people with ASD we usually talk about how it manifests in white, middle class, cishet men. And even then that relies on stereotypes that leave out that even guys w ASD can
be creative, emotional, and good at a variety of things too. It annoys me to be privy to a lot of well meaning conversations along these lines bc to most people I just seem like a kinda socially anxious normal girl, bc I was forced to learn to fake to survive.

This means being really tired and also desperately feeling the need to quickly remove myself from situations when it gets too much. What it doesn't mean is common cliches about autistic people, like I can't make friends, my ability to show empathy is somehow disabled, or that I have a basically "male brain" whatever that means! And I am still horrible at math! A lot of us are actually very creative and imaginative, and can be really good at art or writing or anything really.

This means we can often "fake" fitting in or being social to develop shallow, superficial bonds to survive without being totally ostracized, and manage social situations but at a great cost to our mental and physical energy. We also try go along with other people's wants or requests as well as we can in hopes that it will prevent being singled out as weird. Eye contact with new people, sudden noises, lots of background noise, and crowds are also really distressing and draining most of the time.

Bc it's -that month- I wanna make a post abt my experience of ASD so here goes:

After years of being untreated and then intermittently treated for depression or anxiety but that never seeming to address "the whole problem" I was diagnosed a few months ago (26 y.o) with ASD. This is a really typical path for girls! societally there are harsher sanctions for being a noncompliant female child, girls suffering from the same effects of ASD develop "camouflaging" and "please and appease" ways to cope