Haven't been back in a while. How is mastodon doing?

Anyone know any platforms good for live streaming web development sessions?

Haven't posted on here in so long. How is Mastodon doing??

My goal today isn't to make computers more powerful. Instead I want to help people understand what harm can be caused by what we've created. We're at the tipping point and I think we need to step back to look at where we've come from and where we are going.

The number one enemy of the web developer is the server. Understanding that is the first step.

I don't like computers very much. I think that is why I've always picked them apart and programmed them to do different things.

"There is no such thing as fighting on the winning side; one fights to find out which is the winning side" -- G. K. Chesterton

Being an adult is exactly like Animal Crossing: collecting furniture, making / losing friends, and digging in weird places for Gold.

Be very suspicious if anyone suggests a technological method to solve a social problem. That's pretty much exactly how structures of power get built without you noticing them.

Visited a family home in Eldoret, Kenya with a small garden where they grow kale and greens.

Stepfather was in the Kabul attack and is currently treating the wounded American contractors. Why is Trump's typo getting more press than this disaster?

je covfefe
tu covfefes
il/elle covfefet
nous covfefeons
vous covfefez
ils/elles covfefent

Passing through Kakamega rainforest, the last rainforest in Kenya.

Interviewing a family in Eldoret, Kenya on how bicycles impact their lives.

Currently listening to Bell Witch funeral doom in Kisumu Kenya and am getting the weirdest vibes.

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