I’m looking for alternatives to Napkin for marking up and combining multiple images in a similarly flexible way and would welcome any suggestions. Most of these apps are either full blown image editors or only want to work on one screenshot at a time without a flexible canvas.

I’ve been using NetNewsWire on macOS for months, and I’m now using the iOS beta as well. Like the Mac beta last year, it already feels high quality and exactly how I want. New NetNewsWire is a different app than old, but it somehow captures what I’d missed using other readers.

Off to a good start exercising in 2020. Ring Fit Adventure is definitely making it a lot easier to keep the streak going on days I don’t walk or bike enough.

I’ve been playing Ring Fit Adventure each day for over a week, and am enjoying it. I don’t know how well it will work for getting in shape long-term, but with the number of overhead presses and squats I’m doing, my strength seems like it’s going to have to improve at least. ringfitadventure.nintendo.com/

It’s been a wild and eventful week for me, which has involved a late night trip the emergency vet, and many trips to the regular one. Thankfully everyone is feeling better and things are finally back to normal.

Ever since NetNewsWire started putting out usable builds several months ago, my RSS reader has moved from the category of things where I try new ones all the time to being a solved problem. It’s just exactly what I want. netnewswire.com

Every time I read an article about Drafts, I think I need to figure out how to use it more.

Drafts for Mac: It’s Action Time macstories.net/reviews/drafts-

Started playing City: Skylines on console and am already obsessed. Never realized how much I was missing out on only ever getting to play Sim City occasionally in computer class in junior high.

A not unexpected – based on the people I’ve met at work – but still delightful thing to happen is going into some code which was written months ago by someone else and see it’s already fantastically factored and understandable.

I really enjoy using fishshell.com as my shell, however, the little bits of incompatibility or things are pretty annoying. Going to try to get zsh set up in a reasonable way and see if I can stick with that for a while.

I had one of those nights last night where I woke up at 5 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep for a long time. I eventually woke up way later than I have been and didn’t get out of the house at a very reasonable time. Bummer.

I moved all of my old blog content from Wordpress to Micro.blog, and can recommend it as a host if you want something simple. Migration was a one button import that grabbed images, set up redirects, etc.

The booting sounds of that Mac SE actually appeared on a recording I did as a sort of backing track a long time ago (which I still think sounded pretty cool) and traveled with me to shows for a while. Will be a fun endeavor to restore it to its full system 6 glory.

Ordered an improbably long T15 screwdriver (aka a “Mac cracker”) with the intention of replacing the capacitors and installing an CF card reader in the Mac SE I bought for $4 at a thrift store about 14 years ago.

I finished applying for a new apartment this morning in Campbell, so hopefully, that goes through quickly. Cupertino has been a fine place to live, but I’ll be happy to save a little money and have good coffee, bookstores, etc. be a bit more walkable.

Wasn’t sure if I had work today or not… but the full parking lot when I arrived sort of gave away that I did.

The extra wide lens on the iPhone 11 is fantastic. I didn’t realize how much I’d use it, but I have been constantly.

Decided the classic mouse ears are really the only way to go at Disneyland.

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