Just now watching . Why are so many of these queens being so sensitive? Yvie actually *is* right 99% of the time.

I like the new Addias ads with Donald Glover and Mo'Nique. But I think I like them for a different reason than most people--it seems he's taking the mick out of himself and his art school persona. I'm glad he's self-aware.

More congrats to my other sister @MissusCis@twitter.com on getting her big teaching job and my brother on getting another college scholarship! The Jones siblings are firing on all cylinders!

Just finished watching . I didn't think it would be as empowering as it is, but it's a def. must-watch for Black women who want to know they, too, can take apart the sky. Review coming soon to @shadowandact@twitter.com

I don't hate . But I do want an honest convo to begin about how Blackness in the mainstream is almost always whittled down to "Black Americanism" when the diaspora is MUCH bigger than us ADOS. We can't always speak for *every* DOS experience. colorwebmag.com/2019/04/13/mo-

The synopsis for stands as a cool premise for a film--someone tries to take on the system with the power of music. But where Guava Island's concerned, I have some questions. bit.ly/2GauYAB

Yondu and Rocket Racoon might have the most interesting relationship in the series. And Drax and Baby Groot are awesome. But I'm still not really down with the series.

Bro is now on to the two films. Look, I get the appeal of these films, but both films just feel like I'm getting yelled at for four hours.

It's not as if I hate . But with all of that fun, I am left asking what the film's purpose is. bit.ly/2GauYAB

I know a lot of people are going to say I'm reading too much into this film. But I don't know what Donald Glover wants to say with it. Seems like he wants to pretend to say a lot. colorwebmag.com/2019/04/13/mo-

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