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@wingedpig@twitter.com @codinghorror@twitter.com Everything is geeky unless it has the right software support and ux. nobody thinks podcasts are geeky... just that the ux for rss didn’t get mainstream (then browsers started killing it)

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@fuxoft pracuju s Mastodonem dost cerstve a chci se zeptat: Je nejak mozne sledovat posty z tve instance (resp. timeline) nebo bych jedine musel byt clenem?

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A 3D printed light projected animation. Proof that there's always new ways to animate everything.

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The whole experience did not leave Shteyngart feeling good. Here were people who could purchase anything they could ever want and whose wealth was widely envied, and even they weren’t content—just as these researchers studying happiness and wealth might have predicted. “At the end of the day,” Shteyngart told me, “I was just happy to end this research, because it was quite depressing.”

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Parkitect is now out of beta. Rollercoaster Tycoon for the 21st century?
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