fun fact: sharks eat internet fibre optic cables like a fucking SNACK so whenever mastodon dies its probabnly because a shark ate it

@cometz they must think like its some long eel or something, idk why but kinda cute!

@jan YEA THEY JUST FUCKING Cronch and idk why but when i found that out it just made my entire week

@cometz there's a species of shark that preys on nuclear submarines… life finds a way. or life gets bored and just starts biting stuff, i'm not sure which

@cometz events caused by humans (like boats sinks or anchors release) are the main cause of submarine cables damages, far far away before sharks.

@roipoussiere humans: idiots, polluting the ocean, mass damage to cables
sharks: hongry. munch

@cometz I mean... in this particular photo the cable does look like an extra long Baguette

They... haven't found a way to repel sharks from them yet?

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