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is it gay culture when you see a cat and you just fucking go ham

The Bots have begun Keysmahing in order to try and communicate with the gays

mastodon: (gets raided by spambots)
us: (retoots the spam)

making a masto blanket fort. fave to add a blanket. boost to hop in and get cozy

bitch doesn't even have equal amounts of cytosine and guanine in their dna lol join GAY server for GAY minecradfters

tootuals do this!

give me your original foil charizard

fuck it

/ \
| |
\ /
Β¦ Β¦
Β¦ Β¦

// // \\ \\
|| // \\ ||
|| | | | | ||
| | | |

bacteriophage time

when your rival brings out a venusaur and all u got left is a blastoise

retoot this and i assign u a sanrio character ill only do it for the first like 10 or so though

retoot if you actually liked pokemon sumo for telling us what moves are super effective in battle

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