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I just lost both
A) my comic book contract
B) my part time job

If you like my art and want a custom piece, or just wanna help by boosting this, let me know!

I did this re-draw meme

Original by @crom_cristianortiz on Insta!

I think once I get to 100 followers I'll do a sketch giveaway! Got be following me to get in the raffle!

A rough concept I did earlier this year based on a cool dream. Characters based on myself and a friend @0tacoon ! The characters were fleeing a powerful fire entity who had a mysterious vendetta against them. Might wanna revisit this one day!

What kind of stories are you guys into for comics? Like what do you want to read?

Step One: Draw Some Circles
Step Two: Draw the rest of the Owl

Do y'all like these in-progress pieces? If you have questions about my process let me know!

Another Shay I forgot to upload before from my story, !

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