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A weekend of fooling around with this, along with weasyprint, Bulma, docker, and my terrible CSS skills has gotten me to... programmatically generated PDFs. 🙃

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Une nouvelle année commence et les meetups Python continuent !
Ce mois ci, venez écouter l'histoire de Fred et de son parcours OpenClassrooms.


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Need to render into a pdf in python? Jinja + weasyprint.

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Ja ouviu falar do - É uma lib 🐍 para gerar gráficos SVG com suporte a e Http response ... e Base 64 data URI, PyQuery, PNG, SVG com suporte a SparkLines ... etilos, legendas, labels e tudo que vc precisar em uma ferramenta de gráficos em

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C'est parti pour le @python_lyon@twitter.com : 'Comment simplifier le dans la vraie vie' par Guillaume Ayoub (@communitykozea)


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@romanzolotarev@twitter.com pygal.org is nice :)

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All about the @pagedmedia_org@twitter.com × @prepostprint@twitter.com workshops that happens a few days ago → pagedmedia.org/an-overview-of-

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WeasyPrint – Convert web documents to PDF bit.ly/2GbUOaB

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- Day 47
Playing with WeasyPrint in python.

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Nth refactor done. New feature added. It works, hurray! Tomorrow, start on PDF reporting. WeasyPrint looks promising. Day 31-33/100.

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A lot of web devs don't know about CSS applications outside of browsers (or UI APIs that borrowed CSS syntax and/or features). A few I've met: Yoga in React Native, stylesheet syntax in Qt, CSS for GTK+ theming, CSS for print with Prince or Weasyprint. twitter.com/rachelandrew/statu


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