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Je regarde la liste des dépots github de @Kozeagroup@twitter.com et je suis mort de rire. Pour une fois que je comprends les jeux de mots

It's release time! 48 is out with new CSS features and many closed bugs. 👍


Next version is dedicated to and bug fixes. Send us your slow documents ⏲, we'll try to fix them for you!

Version 48 of is coming soon, with text-overflow, column-span, text-decoration, object-fit, object-position, bookmark-state… and many 🐛 fixes!

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J'aime bien LaTeX, mais c'est quand même difficile de monter en compétence dessus, surtout lorsque l'on souhaite faire un document simple et esthétique. Un script python qui génère du HTML/CSS avec jinja2 puis l'exporte en PDF avec WeasyPrint c'est souvent plus adapté.

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New post: "Using Google Fonts With WeasyPrint - Two Ways" bit.ly/2Xy8gx4

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There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to creating a PDF from a web application. @rachelandrew@twitter.com takes a look at the tools that are available and shares her recommendations to help you find the tool that works best for you.

It's been a long time and we've worked hard on and . What's new? Colors and dots in underlined text, math formulae, closed bookmarks and more! patreon.com/kozea

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C'est officiel ! La @PyConFR 2019 sera organisée à Bordeaux du 31 octobre au 3 novembre ! Merci à @univbordeaux@twitter.com pour leur accueil et leur implication dans l'organisation de cet événement ! Nous vous tenons au courant très rapidement des prochaines échéances !

🙌 47 has been released 🙌 with CSS variables and nth() page selector! weasyprint.org/news/

Custom variables and :nth() page selector are the new features included in . Interested? Try the two pull requests before they're merged and released! patreon.com/posts/25844749

🌞 Spring = 🖥 Release
version 46 has been released, with a lot of bug fixes and two new properties handled! weasyprint.org/news/

What's New in ? A looooot of bugs fixed, two new properties supported ✌, tests on Windows, release coming soon… Last week was full of ! patreon.com/posts/25477221

Are we late ⏰? We were working hard 🔨! Read what's new in and + our module for . variables, box decoration, tests on Windows and more! patreon.com/posts/25297545

HoHoHo!!! 2.500 stars for the project on @github@twitter.com ! Thank you so much.

Winter is ending, but release is coming. What's new this week? A few days left before 45! patreon.com/posts/24790270

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