ich weiss jetzt auch nicht was ich dazu sagen soll.... guckt einfach selbst.

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@comrad this makes me wonder.. how much do you have to pay to have random girls just shaking their ass on camera? judging from the masses of girls doing this it could either be extremely low, or extremely high because it's rare to find some that don't already have meeting on that day

@metalune or these are professional dancers doing a video shooting for a (funny) music video. What makes you think their would be "random girls"?

@comrad because I don't know shit about dancing. I can't tell apart professional dancers when they seem to be doing roughly the same thing that the girls in my school are doing.

@comrad even if we exchange "random girls" with professional dancers, I still wonder where they are all coming from? seemingly every video I see these days has some professional dancers in them shaking their ass

@metalune @comrad Italy :p since that's where the band is from ;) Very happy to be able to help :p

@metalune @sotolf No what I meant was, that I would primary assume they are professional dancers before I would think of amateurs - at least in a professional music video.

@comrad @sotolf I mean.. making a professional looking video is doable by surprisingly many people, hence why I no longer assume for a large budget.

@metalune @sotolf We did "movies" in the 90s as enthusiastic amateurs. We used computers back then to cut and render our movies, which was pretty high tech then.

The point I've found there was that it takes "good shots" and good angles as well as good camera movement more than equipment to produce something that looks "professional".

Of course we were not near professional level, but we experimented with different styles and positions and got great results there.

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