@TinyGolang @SiFive @arduino @furriebot @deadprogram @oscon @aykevl 5. There is a Garbagge Collector for and it would be extremely useful is you help us with some feedback t.co/FxRcuJ8Kdt

« This release includes the naive garbage collector for WebAssembly! Try it out and report any bugs you find! twitter.com/TinyGolang/status/ »

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@TinyGolang @SiFive @arduino @furriebot , and his apprentice @deadprogram , gave a talk at @oscon about how awesome is t.co/dPSUOxaA9J

« Getting ready for the @TinyGolang talk at @oscon in about 30 minutes, room D135/136... t.co/yiOrbQuoxn »

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In the last days there were a lot of announcements related to @TinyGolang , let me recap so you don't miss anything:
1. version 0.7.0 was released, with support for @SiFive HiFive1B and @arduino Nano33 IoT boards. release notes: github.com/tinygo-org/tinygo/r

« Get ready @OSCON at @deadprogram talk today at 5:05 PM, Room D135/136 watch TinyGo shrink Go programs to 1% of their former size, make things fly, and other previously impossible things. Also get a chance to win a new @arduino Nano33 IoT board  »

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« At @OSCON today? You can see TinyGo live at @deadprogram talk at 5:05 PM, Room D135/136. Watch TinyGo make things fly, and possibly win an @arduino Nano33 IoT board!  »

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« The latest @TinyGolang release features support for the @Arduino Nano 33 IoT (and @SiFive HiFive 1B): bit.ly/2Gh2aaF t.co/aaK4lXmqHR »

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« Try it out by pasting the code at gist.github.com/conejoninja/52 into the playground after selecting the Phytec reel board. Thanks to @_CONEJO for the @waveshare00 e-paper display driver and the code sample! »

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« The playground at play.tinygo.org can simulate real hardware while compiling for because we've separated board support from chip support. This post goes into some detail how it works behind the scenes: aykevl.nl/2019/07/tinygo-plagr t.co/1OXOSF98rg »

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« I am particularly proud of this one. Being able to simulate hardware in the browser using shows how portable Go can be - run the exact same code in a simulation and on real hardware! twitter.com/TinyGolang/status/ »

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the playground thing is A-W-E-S-O-M-E 🔥🔥, you could simulate the @waveshare00 e-paper display of the too!! t.co/FjaPQh8p7b

« We've also released the TinyGo Playground at play.tinygo.org/ which includes a basic board simulator written using WebAssembly. You can even download binaries that can run on real hardware! 2/3 »

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« We just released TinyGo 0.7.0 coming to you live and direct from @OSCON featuring support for the @arduino Nano33 IoT board including full wireless capabilities! tinygo.org/microcontrollers/ar 1/3 »

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« All of this thread.

Plus, to be able to just be myself in front of a PC. Not been anxious about you getting disturbed or disturbing others by just been deep in thought is huge.

Take a quick break if I need it. Not having to eat the $20/plate fast food near the office. twitter.com/hnshah/status/1151 »

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« Vivimos en Ready player one... La experiencia oculus quest es genial! Quiero jugar walking simulators aquí! t.co/yNOAhNcBWm »

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« TOMORROW at ! Join @bridgetkromhout & @as_w to explore 201-level production topics in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Learn about tools Helm, Brigade, Duffle, CNAB, and more >> msft.social/7alSn2  »

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