« Fun Saturday hack: ported over @_CONEJO's pongclock from @TinyGolang to Lwan!

Now there are four different kinds of clocks in the clock sample that generates GIF frames on the fly.

Check it out yourself: time.lwan.ws/pong t.co/5ACwUNO5Uo »

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« Spoiler Alert!!!! @Obijuan_cube @bricotienda @lahoramaker @dcuartielles @programarfacilc @esdrufi @SrFerrete @HacedoresCom @elmundoverdees @Antonio_Raptors @Brico_Labs @TCRobotics @gmag12 @G4lile0 @MoonMakers @MICROSIDE_MX t.co/a2QBSd08Ky »

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« I managed to write a @TinyGolang driver for @microbit_edu v1.5’s LSM303AGR accelerometer/magnetic sensor which also has a internal temperature sensor. Currently waiting for review in PR. t.co/xV4l48KKSz »

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« It looks like 0.14 will be released soon.
71 PRs have been merged, with 2 remaining.

TinyGo 0.14 has a lot of changes that make it easier to use on Windows.
Support for PyGamer, and XIAO boards has been added.
github.com/tinygo-org/tinygo/m »

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« ま…まゆげが気になって、他の情報が入ってきませんよ😆


t.co/4bQkaf67Gb »

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 t.co/mZKaUgDw8f

« Le hemos dado un completo repaso al para implementar las necesarias medidas de seguridad, para tratar de evitar que esta herramienta de prosperidad se convierta en puerta de entrada del
Lo más importante es la seguridad t.co/KFs0GwLTXz »

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« Ha! I've been doing for a long time, and this is the first time I've seen this page. Up-to-date with how PHP should be used in 2020. Very good stuff! Highly recommended.



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« Jetstackers @maartjeme & @JoshVanL will be talking at 🙌 Their talks are on exploring the possibilities of managing resources inside terraform and on how to securely delegate certificate management in a multi-tenancy cluster buff.ly/2Bruwz5 t.co/vOG2VDiKvS »

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« Wanna dive into my metro station and its 70s vibes? Check this video I just finished after some weeks of 24h rendering!

youtube.com/watch?v=3un1bPWtFS »

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Less than 4 hours for @deadprogram 's lightning talk⚡️ about the latest news about and what people are building with it at @gopherconeu (14:15 CET) gophercon.berlin/schedule/#ses 🤖

« 可愛い可愛い“雨宿り”❤️




t.co/lm8Cu0b9cV »

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