Reading books feels so much better than reading social media

ill post a hot take for every boost this toot gets

what health organizations are sharing in staff calls re: COVID 

hi y’all, i work for a healthcare org in the u.s. and i wanted to share what the current conversation is internally around covid.

the vaccine will not be signaling the end of social distancing. only 1/3rd of americans polled currently say they would get the vaccine, and the FDA is going to pass the first vaccine that hits the 50% effectiveness mark.

these numbers do not indicate that we will be able to “beat” the virus w/ a vaccine.

I just heard about whats happening in Louisville, kentucky. Good luck yall

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The united states is going through some shit right now, youre unemployed and starving, youre hoarding guns, youre forming coalitions. If youre reading this and you're from the US i hope you end up fine by the end of this. I hope your country ends up better when this ends, whatever that 'better' is

whats the difference between democracy where one person dying is the only thing that prevents your human rights from being torched and a feudal society where the duke of slobovia dies and is replaced by his shithead son

Tiktok and instagram needs a better leftist presence honestly, like there's an okay scene there but its just not organised at all and these kids are turning into neolibs

Space science nonsense 

Like i could talk about the parallels to the MIC and that, like its litterally millitary contractors that are also doing these things

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Demolition man really pretends to be something its not doesnt it?

jokes about how all men are evil and all women are virtuous are pretty much on the same level as jokes about dumb broads were 30 years ago

Space science nonsense 

I feel like i know more about the artemis program. I genuinely like this guys stuff like i know what a Near-rectilinear halo orbit is now. I just wish him and the rest of the "I fucking love science" crowd actually properly talk about the relationship between society and technology because its so fucking interesting

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Space science nonsense 

But then obviously tim does his usual thing where he tries to separate Bad Privatisation (cost-plus contracting) from Good Privatisation (the SpaceEx model/fixed price contractimg) with the usual nonsense about efficiency and speed which only really means that aerospace workers just work in shittier conditions

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Space science nonsense 

Like this is litterally how a buisiness is run, you have capital (in this case the Launch Pads, vehicle assebely buildings, R&D and rocket engines built in the 60's and 80's) and you use that capital with your employee's to just siphon of as much money and labour value as you possibly can.

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Space science nonsense 

But hes wondering why Artemis, a program built on technology and infrastructure from both the apollo and space shuttle programs, using private contractors is costing way more than it realistically should. Like theres relatively little R&D going into this thing? Why is it taking so long for companies like Boeing and Northrop Grumman to make shit for NASA?

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Space science nonsense 

So im watching Everyday Astronauts new video comparing the apollo and artemis missions to the moon, normal apolitical space content right?

misandry is good, susuay.

but if your gender analysis comes *implicitly* from the place of Men Bad Maleness Evil, well, that's where lots of mutually-conflicting flavors of shitty takes come from.

patriarchy *already asserts* the idea that men are underdeveloped, cruel, and violent. subconsciously taking as an axiom that Men are Bad, Maleness is Evil often leads, paradoxically, to making excuses for the bad behavior of cis straight white men, and redirecting your anger at misogyny into... misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, or racism, to name a few.

Men Bad → why did you trust that man in the first place? → sexist victim-blaming

Men Bad, Maleness Evil→ same as straight men, so misogynistic they prefer to fuck men → homophobia

Maleness Evil → trans women are women, but male → Atone For Your Ineradicable Male Taint → transmisogyny

Men Bad → why would you transition to male? → trans men are traitors → transphobia

we need to moralize gender less

Friendly reminder than on September the 11th of 1973, the US killed democracy in my country.

Don’t forget that the Chilean government still uses the constitution created by Pinochet.

And this October, the Chilean government will do an election on wether we should change our constitution, which is good, but the election will happen in middle of a pandemic (we don’t have mail-in voting). Which I suspect it’s so no one goes out to vote and do they can keep the old constitution...

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