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Charlotte 清Bona Fide

I just looked at my follow requests, all I can say is I am so sorry!

um... i'm old, but paradoxically going through puberty (again).

i used to program, but i had a breakdown

i like the mechanics of firearms, and talking about me feelings.

i used to think i could be everyone's mom, but now i spend most days just trying to take my meds on time.

my hobbies include crying and trying to build a machine shop on a zero budget.



i booped the snoot
the snoot i booped
and with boop-ed snoot i snoop

I bought a mill file and I'm feeling really good about it. Like, "Yes, I can put a coarse edge on that blade! We can refine it with _other_ files!"

borrow semantics in rust remind me of implementing a lisp that just uses the stack.