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Charlotte 清Bona Fide @confusedcharlot

my flexor digitora are going to be so buff

TIL you can treat RSI with strength training

@jk yeah. it was my crap joke. you have really good guitar face.

So what does app traffic look like to an ISP tryin to collect saleable data? like, for masto is it just a bunch of opaque tcp packets going back and forth from a server?

@amsomniac all it does is browse for chick-fil-a

privacy, mental health, tech

now that isp can sell my data, i have some thinking to do about how i access services. i know y'all are 7th level cyberanarchists, but i'm just a middle aged schmuck who's ok at math.

it's just one more piece of hypervigilance and don't know if I have the energy

The tl;dr of my tech rant stuff is that I want the tech industry to stop being jerks and I want to see fellow marginalized people succeed <3

Kelly hates code

@purrgesterone @sparrow I am competent enough, but I found my current position hostile enough that my already compromised mental health couldn't deal. I'm not sure I can stay in tech even with a reasonable skill set

as someone who knows how to code, you might be better off learning about oraganisms. gooey things that are alive need a lot of help.

Kelly hates code

@sparrow it's probably lewd

urethritis: get that shit checked out

testing awoooooooos

Buckawooh!! HAHAHA omg I'm crying