been trying to edit 5 portrait videos together with crossfades for the past couple hours

8 years ago-ish i was at a book store struggling to find a gift for my ex partner so i panic searched on hacker news book recommendations and walked out with some ann rand not joking lol

i have one comment after browsing the cleannft gangs' tezos chain before/during the xtz crash last week: yikes!

inside kifs 003

added glslEditor support to my shader sketchbook to live edit the first pass of every piece.

Here is my latest Freeliner lightning talk where I go over the evolution of the keyboard interface into a domain specific language.

i like this one because it reminds me of surfing the crest of a wave🌊

Now featuring tweak pane! Thanks Alex Kempton for the recommendation. Next step is making code editable via glslEditor :)

tfw u love digital assets but only if they have a secondary market

always a bummer to check in on my friend who grinds 12+ hour days consistently for a software company simply because it's cheaper for management to pay overtime than to hire more ppl.

@supermedia_art thanks! your elegant organization must have influenced me :)

been thinking lots about how the most rewarding part of my art practice is sharing knowledge and inspiration.

so i'm making my workflow ez af to share everything.

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Coming soon to ShaderChain: One click web export your multi-shader project into a webgl site with controllable parameters and displaying the sources =D

Live demo:

@BlackUniGryphon meh if that's what your needs are over time you'll probs do it too. not for everyone.

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