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Tusky-Nightly-Users! The current nightly build is release candidate for 4! Please tell me about all problems you find!

I need some new game to play. Any suggestions? Really enjoyed Factorio lately.

is no longer free on Google Play, its now 3,59€, but its still open source on Github.

Coming to nightly today: An update to the material theming :blobpeek:
Please tell me what you think!

Coming to nightly today: Mentions in CW'ed posts will be shown even when content is hidden thx to @vaartis

uhm, pleroma just returns the fullsize images as preview? :thaenkin:

It should be as easy as cloning the repo and opening it in IntelliJ but I just get weird error messages

Im failing to build . Anybody here ever done this?

Official birdsite app now displaying image descriptions. Tusky had it first :D

From now on nightly on Google Play will be deployed as Android App bundle - that means 20% smaller download size

I just wanted to upgrade to AndroidX, ended up rewriting most of the theming :blobcatcoffee:

I like the recent improvements to . The interface is getting cleaner every week.
Nice Job @tom79

Ate a Pizza, painted a small thing<, fixed a bug. I call that a successfull evening :3

I love the look of the new text input fields

You know you fucked up when I use ¿ in your code review

Received a Ticket :3
I guess its time to get excited

how can I determine the version of Pleroma a server is running

Tusky installs are through the roof again, I guess thats because of the tumblr thing

I changed the Tusky Base Theme to a MaterialComponents one and ... wow

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