Last couple of pictures from a wonderful week in Vancouver. Now, let’s focus on the reverse jet lag dance. 😴

Watched the season opening of „the other kind of football“ in Vancouver.

Full Travel Day. Frankfurt ✈️ Chicago ✈️ San Diego

The de facto Mac external displays for designers and developers reference guide has an updated version. Still doesn’t solve my Ultrafine 5K vs. Studio Display question, but I love the detailed outline why 5K matters so much for macOS.

From sunny evenings with raspberry beer at the beginning of the week to little ❄️ now.

Why do AirPods don‘t notify you when the case ran out of battery? It happens to me so many times that I grabbed the AirPods to go outside just to notice that the battery of both, AirPods and case, are empty.

What a great start to this season! Great race battles, safety car and in the end Ferrari is back. Can’t wait for the next race next week. Hopefully with some points for Mick then. 🏎

Watched a review of the Studio Display. Is this really the way it does cable management with the adjustable stand?! As beautiful as the Studio Display is, especially compared to the Ultrafine 5K (the only real alternative), this completely destroys the clean look. 😢

First 🏎 qualifying of the season looks promising regarding excitement, close racing and lots of surprises. Looking forward to the race tomorrow and seeing Mick getting his first points. 🤞

What a great piece from Robin Rendle. I can totally relate to his desire of not taking something new too seriously. Being too serious about learning something or focusing too much on potential outcomes and how it might influence your career doesn’t necessarily lead to anything.
The foll...

Designing in isolation usually can’t lead to good results. Is gathering insights from an isolated change to prove causation in your data different or similarly skewed? Design Happens in an Ecosystem

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