I don't know what to make of this... The delivery driver put my hard drives... In the fridge?! Because the box says new egg?!?!


@chuck This is hilarious, but despite the "freeze the drive to recover data" trick I'm worried about moisture.

Also what's in the styrofoam cooler? Is it a human heart? I'm guessing human heart.

@coolpowers no clue my dude. I can only guess organs, but it's been in that delivery fridge for 2 weeks now. whomever the package is for is either long deceased or extremely patient on their transplant.

i'm hoping the vaccume sealed bags are the trick for keeping the drives moisture free. we'll find out, because i'm slapping them on a SAS card as we speak

@chuck Listen carefully because this is Very Important:

⚠️ Do NOT - under _any_ circumstances! - succumb to the temptation of installing the human organs instead of hard drives ⚠️

@coolpowers 🤔 .... *slowly backs away in the direction of the delivery room*

@chuck IIRC every sealed drive I’ve gotten like that has also had a small bag of desiccant inside to remove moisture.

@coolpowers Moisture is a concern when chilling for data recovery, as well as just the drive heating up faster than the freezer can cool it(because then the drive stops working again). Back when I did data recovery regularly I’d use ddrescue and do one pass to get all the data that was still good, and then freeze and do a 2nd pass to try and get at any remaining data the drive was having trouble accessing. Usually the 2nd pass was could be done quickly enough to avoid issues.

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