Sorry to bring it back up but there's a real vibe to that Anthem piece earlier, like other folks were saying about it, that's "the reason I'm bringing this to your attention is the game did not receive universal praise and I must explain why", rather than work at an industrialised scale is demoralising and dehumanising. Workers rights only matter when the game is not good.

That's really fucking uncomfortable.

I am unequivocally for strengthening workers rights, collective bargaining, the whole unionised thing in its entirety but if this article wasn't an unintentional flagging of how much deeper and more profoundly fucked our relationship to games and those who make them is.

And put side by side with our leaning into redemption arcs - like what Hello endured was worth it in the end because didn't the game eventually turn out great, gosh they did amazing work turning public opinion round, so good of them, so brave and such diligent workers and fucking hell. You can see that try as they might, so many folks in games want the auspices of art but really a good product is always prioritised over conditions here no matter.

I don't think Kotaku dude even realises he's doing this in the what, how and why of his reporting. And naturally with the push for unionising at the mo - it means we can put a full stop on the conversation.

You need to unionise.
Okay, then what?
Dunno make a good game lol ur unionised now, do it.

And we don't ever have to scratch any deeper.

Like, yes videogames need to get their shit together and fight for better working conditions, unionising is an essential step on that road and needs doing sooner than later. Yesterday, preferably. Especially the way capitalism is running on fumes and things aren't going to get better unless we fight.

But our whole culture here can't be solved with a union and that can't be the full stop it's become.


@RobF I'm just counting the days until a large tech shop unionizes, hits a management wall over conditions, strikes, and is instantly replaced with scabs who don't give a fuck.

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