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Simon Windmill

Tired: Sundried tomatoes
Wired: Tsundere tomatoes

@aldeka I've got a pic like this, except it's not a plant, it's a gallon of paint on the carpet.

@PsySal If DVD quality is acceptable it's actually reasonable to get for about 30 bucks. There was a limited edition BD but.. "limited edition" and "was" are the important phrases for price expectations.

And the reboot is on Crunchyroll.

But hey, knowing how you also like quiet, lovely shows.. I'm mainly here to tell you that YOU MUST WATCH THIS SEASON'S LAID-BACK CAMP!!

@karolat @lain if you didn’t have to tape coins to your tonearm to stop skips (but not so much to destroy your vinyl) You Weren’t A Proper DJ

@aparrish PS I certainly didn’t intend any disrespect; your piece is thoughtful and interesting. Mine was thrown together to technically qualify for entry and receive a free Xbox Live Indie Games publisher account because I was broke and didn’t have time to finish my game.

If I were to ascribe any form of artistry to my WORD it would be the choice of perfect typeface (Futura) and the slide-changing kerchunk sound effect :)

PPS autocorrect changed “kerchunk” to “Ketchum” and I. Am. Dying.

@aparrish This actually reminds me in a cheeky way of the "Art Piece" I made for a game development contest

Hoping to reconnect with my tween daughter by trying something hip and cool for supper.


@caraellison I could completely overshare but I won’t and just say “yeah, I’m feeling you”

Getting older is weird. Relationships are weird. People are weird.

Nintendo: Here, some cardboard. It's $69


Nintendo: It comes out on 4/20

*choking sound intensifies*

@RobF I looked thoughtfully at slippers for the first time* the other day.

* As an adult, that is. I went through the British Boy Becomes A Man With Tasteful Slippers As Birthday Present ceremony at 12 or something.