@RobF Nothing makes me want to buy multiple physical copies more than the shitshow that is family sharing on the PS4, Switch, and (somewhat) Steam. Is it any better on Xbox One? (I forget if you have one for some reason)

@RobF I'm just counting the days until a large tech shop unionizes, hits a management wall over conditions, strikes, and is instantly replaced with scabs who don't give a fuck.

@RobF Can I just say that you somehow manage to make your games look like they're running on an OLED screen even on this LCD?

@pattheflip me when my (ex) wife used to beat me at Tekken by button mashing.


So it turns out that the announcement of Bloodlines 2 *wasn't* my favorite non-dev news from GDC.

It was that Cara Ellison is writing for Bloodlines 2.

Suddenly aware that I don't know where my Bust-a-Groove disc is.

Discovered the power of "powercfg -requests" and am both pleased with the utility and the pun I just made.

@jk See also "whiz" or "whiz kid" when describing anyone who can operate a computer.

Now I'm really curious if it was used in the centre page spread (IN COLOUR!!!) we got in The S*n because my (ex) wife and I got married in an ~international romance~ after meeting on a MUD.

Don't worry though, I haven't joined the normals - I'm only researching drywall anchors because I need to mount my Vive Lighthouses in what would be a normal person's dining room.

I've been radio silent for a few weeks now because work, holidays, and buying a house.

Now I'm watching YouTube videos comparing drywall anchors. Home ownership!

@fasterthanlime Hurrah for iLok :|

Back in the day I was weirdly proud when X-Force released some of my plugins. Probably wouldn't have been as amused if it wasn't for the fact they were actually free.

@revenant This was me when someone who worked on that Disney dinosaur CG movie (was it called.. Dinosaur?) said they were using my (crappy) Renderman .rib file tool, probably around the same age.

@jk that reminds me I bought an RP255 for my ex years ago, I wonder if my son still has it/remembers he has it..

@Gargron If you've never been introduced to A Christmas Story, your world is about to change. It's the best American pop-culture tradition I discovered since moving here two decades ago.

@revenant it was big on Twitter, but the number of posts complaining about posting about it outnumbered the number of posts posting about it.

The people telling you to vote are annoying but the people who don't want you to vote are way worse, trust me

@carter "Betrayed".

Hello, I would like one Fucking Break. Super-size it, please.

With all the Diablo wankery I missed this: Sunset Overdrive (about the only reason I ever had for even contemplating buying an Xbox One) looks to be getting a PC release. Nice!

labor411.org has a handy "Election Day Edibles" PDF and it's not what I was expecting.

At all.

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