All I'll say on the matter is that I'm really glad I didn't find out about this before we happened to watch an episode of Super Mario Bros Super Show last night where Koopa is turning Toads into rocks and we kept pausing it to laugh at the expressions.

@xoxogossipgita @Chumppell I just finished Spidey on normal and I'll say that I eventually enjoyed the combat enough to actually look forward to it after initially being frustrated at dying a bunch of times against basic enemies.

I don't think the game guides you enough early on into the "right" way to approach combat, which is to immediately get the hell away and take 'em out with webs and thrown objects and only being up close on the ground long enough to start an air launch

@oznogon @puckipedia this, but also a randomly generated "rig" description with that high-speed 66mhz RAM and Cyrix CPU

@ElectronDance I know I'm a terrible bore for spouting this at literally everyone I ever see talking about sleep issues, but it was life-changing for me when someone told me this.

@ElectronDance /me prepares the 90-minute-sleep-cycle talk.

You'll feel much worse if you get a "good" 8 hours sleep than if you sleep 7.5 hours, because you're waking up in the middle of a cycle. 6, 7.5, or 9 - 4.5 if you really have to - but NEVER 8.

omg I just read that Baffler gamesasartwankwankwank piece. Honestly not sure whether I'm angry or amused or saddened.

@caraellison Pretty sure it was a joint production from The US Navy and The Homosexual Agenda after watching that volleyball scene again.

I have so many adolescent feelings wrapped up in Top Gun, because we watched it as a group in the theater, and said theater was on a ferry on the way back from our middle school trip to France. Jealous of all the Cool Older French Boys. Smuggling fireworks over in my socks. Discovering pan au chocolat. Being overwhelmingly consumed by my crush.

@xoxogossipgita I actually recommend Pinterest for this sort of thing. First random "demon babe" board I found, can't vouch for quality (quick scroll through saw some definite NSFW images though)

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@majicDave I am actually looking to move in the coming year so I'm glad I have my console boxes ;)

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@majicDave But.. but.. what if I need to return it?! Or what if I move?!

PSA: If you're an instance admin and your duties aren't just.. administrating your instance, and instead extend to whipping up tribalism about your instance being the cool one, whining about being silenced, or perhaps even setting up a wiki wherein you detail "instance drama" and call-out individuals by name, then you're either a douchebag or just really, really stupid.

But the memes, man. The memes.

If you paste a Bash command into this site, it returns a breakdown and explanation of every argument:

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